28 June 2005


<- Girls in giant pudding!

Went down the pub for the quiz. I knew that The Great Train Robbery was in 1963 and last week with a flash of inspiration I suggested that St Columba was the first to see...the Loch Ness Monster! Trouble was the woman filling in the sheet ignored both of these ideas, preferring to leave blanks instead. It's like a social square dance - you don't want to pump up the ego of someone boldly offering answers. And afterwards there's no apology - "Oh I'm sorry! What a plonker I was not to write down your suggestion!" That's how it goes. In the past I might have got aereated... now I just sit with my jaw drooping in disbelief. Talk about Yorkshire puddings! But then again she's from Lancashire and we all know what they're like on that side of the Pennines!

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