20 June 2008


One of my best friends has gone - Boris. He arrived as a stray at our back door - eight years ago - thin and bedraggled. Shirley took pity on him and fed him while I made a handbill for the local shops - "Found!" But nobody came and Boris was starting to explore our home. I really didn't want him. Having a cat can be a twenty year commitment but Boris had chosen us.
I bought him a watertight kennel from "Pets R Us" or some such warehouse type place and as soon as it was in position, Boris crept in and fell asleep - knowing instinctively that it was for him.

Boris would often wait for me as I returned from my occasional visits to the local pub. He would see me turning the corner then run in front before lying supine on the pavement to have his belly rubbed. And if I was working on this computer, he would often enter the room, miaow, prick his ears back and command that I followed him. If he went to the kitchen cupboard it meant he wanted feeding and if he went to the front door it meant he wanted out.

He spent a lot of time out and about - patrolling his territory. Once Shirley blinked googgle-eyed when she saw him on a work colleague's street about a mile from our house. She called him over and stroked him. I envied his feline life - free to come and go - free food supplies - no work and no clock to watch - no fashion concerns and as much impregnation of the local tabbies as he could handle!

I would sometimes see him waiting intelligently to cross roads but of course he was only a cat and in my heart I feel sure that he has met his end on a nearby road. I have looked for him and we have called constantly for him but I believe that Boris has well and truly gone. Just one little bit of hope resides in memories of our last cat - Blizzard - who died at the age of sixteen. Twice, he also disappeared and twice he returned several days after leaving. Where had he been? Of course he never told us. So please Boris! Come home! Daddy is waiting! We miss you!


  1. Deirdre4:30 am

    I do hope Boris returns....we have also had a family cat just not turn up one morning and have the whole family feel lost for a few days....unfortunately a phone call from someone in the next street was bad news for us...some time later 2 kittens joined us and seem to rule the house....I so hope Boris returns for food and love...

  2. Oh I do hope he reappears, safe and sound.

  3. I can really feel for you YP. I'm very attached to my two pets too. Has he turned up yet?

  4. Boo hoo! Sunday morning...Stiil no sign of Boris. He's been gone since Tuesday.

  5. Keep hoping - one of our cats once spent days away because he'd got in a fight and had curled up to see off the ensuing infection, before finally coming home cooler but somewhat bedraggled.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear this Yorkie.

    I do hope he returns to you soon. I'd go stir crazy if either of my cats disappeared so, I'm hoping and praying for a happy outcome for you guys!

  7. Poor Boris! I hope he returns. If he doesn't, I hope he found a quiet, cozy place in which to die in peace. It's hard not knowing what happened.

  8. It could just have been his time. One of my cats just took herself off one day and a neighbour found her body many months later just curled up peacefully. And it wasn't as horrible as you might imagine either - she was still recognisably her.I hope that was what happened to Boris if he is indeed gone. Or maybe he has just nmoved in with another doting family.

    I'm really sorry though. It is a horrible feeling of loss.


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