19 August 2008


Of course I was there last Saturday. Where? The Kingston Communications Stadium in Hull to see my beloved Tigers begin their first ever season in the English Premiership. Favourites to go straight back down, we nevertheless mastered Fulham with greater passion and two wonderful goals. Thank you Geovanni and thank you Caleb Folan. "We are Ull! We are Ull! We are Ull!"

Caleb Folan slides in the winner against Fulham.

On Monday evening, at The Prince of Wales quiz, Jill wondered why and how people like me and her husband Mike could be so passionate about football. He supports Oldham. The term "escapism" was suggested. But I don't know. It doesn't feel like escapism to me - it's just something that is in my blood. To see the Tigers score. It felt just the same when they were at the bottom of the old Division Four with only four thousand people spectating. You leap from your seat. For a moment, nothing else in the world matters. Perhaps it is the opposite of escapism - more likely a primitive urge to belong to the tribe - to identify - to nail your colours to the mast - to avoid escape!

Beating Fulham was a beautiful beginning to our time in the Premiership and hey, looking at how we measure up financially against the other clubs - it is no surprise to me that we are favourites to go back down. That's logic. But passion and the pent up frustrations of a hundred years without success is a factor that bookies may not be able to take into account. And the city of Hull itself is crying out for positive vibes while our Tigers create a buzz of pride and expecation around the city. Every dog has its day.


  1. I don't know much at all about football but I always like it when people have passion and enthusiasm for things. So many people don't seem to.

  2. Yes! Absolutely, Daphne.

  3. Enjoy Geovanni YP, I don't know why we got rid of him. I thought he was classs last season AND he scored against United!

    Let's hope he does the same this season.

  4. Am a non-football follower but my significant ex was mad keen. Consequently I've been to more football games and stadia than I care to remember. One winter I nearly got frost bite in my toes at a stadium in Sheffield. I think that most be your lot? (We used to live in Nottingham for a while and he followed Spurs and Southampton.)

  5. No, I think I am wrong...Tigers = Hull (football at least). Pretty sure it was Sheffield Utd. at home vs. either Spurs or t'other one. This was a while back mind!


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