10 July 2009


Since I last posted, the British death toll in Afghanistan has risen to 184. That's another eight mothers grieving for their sons. And why? Let the crying begin for pity's sake - "Bring our brothers home!"...Figures for Taleban deaths are shrouded in strategic mystery but we should remember that 733 U.S. military personnel have been killed and 124 Canadians. Please enlighten us all if you know what this "mission" is all about - what it is meant to achieve? It has gone on too bloody long. Bring our brothers home!

Above: Coalition deaths 2001 to July 11th 2009


  1. even the Soviet Union gave up after nine years, and they had on average 100,000 troops in afghanistan at any one time fighting on their own southern border - ISAF have 50,000 and are fighting the other side of the world from their home countries

    It's completely bloody pointless and all those deaths are for nothing - it breaks my heart

  2. I am not ignoring your blog. It's just that after reading your last two posts I am struck dumb.

    "The world is too much with us..."

    You are doing a good work by giving the situation some blogging attention.


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