16 September 2006


So there we were at the local pub on a Friday night - me and Shirley and a hundred Sheffield Wednesday supporters. Historically, Hull City are dwarves, minnows, nobodies compared with the legendary Sheffield Wednesday - The Owls. Oh jeez - toowhit-toowhoo! After three minutes they had a penalty - taken by Deon Burton who was the very player who had just handled the ball when he rose with our new defender - Danny Mills in the penalty area. It was as clear as crystal on the TV.
Oh no! But then within fourteen minutes we were ahead with two excellent opportunist goals from The Beast - Jon Parkin. Oh the second one! When he swerved and cracked it in across their nancy-boy keeper, it was better than a torrid night with Ulrika Johnson. All of this was on live television which had previously only witnessed Hull City defeats.
Funny how the corners of my mouth kept arching upwards afterwards. I was as happy as a sandboy. As Gary left the pub, I called to him - "It's not the winning that's important, it's the taking part!" And our battleaxe landlady - Janet Turner - a staunch Wednesday supporter agreed that Hull City had deserved their victory.
Oh sweet! That's the right way to begin a weekend! We were in the pub for four solid hours and after several pints I'm back here at this keyboard sharing my delight with you! Up The Tigers! And by the way Steve - "Occupied Country" - Danny Mills really enjoyed himself and made a manly contribution to the evening's events.


  1. I watched it and your boys done well - a real backs-to-the-wall job for the last 10 minutes or so, though!!

  2. Danny Mills in penalty give away? Hard to believe.

    Well done.

  3. Yeah Mills did ok, as did all of the team, a good solid performance. Apart from the obvious (Beast) I thought Fagan was good and if he stays fit, Bridges looks a bargain. Oh and thank heavens for Myhill. The main reason they beat the jinx though, was because I went to the game instead of watching it on Sky, and I wore my city socks as well.

  4. Sounds quite lovely. Not only getting to see your favorite team win, but having the ability to gloat about it to nay-sayers. Yay Hull City! drink a pint for me next time you're at the pub.


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