11 September 2006


New York is such a fantastic city. It belongs to America but in some ways it belongs to the rest of the world too. It looks out towards Europe from where so many immigrants came with their ragged bundles and their stories. And in the Twin Towers that fateful morn, there weren't just American workers, there were people from all over the world including many from the UK. It was after all The WORLD Trade Centre, not the American Trade Centre. And there were Muslims and Jews and blacks and Hispanics, believers and non-believers. The inhuman fools who made their cruel assault on the Twin Towers were attacking all who believe in decency, kindness, goodness and a brighter tomorrow. There can be no justification for what they did. This wasn't Islam it was pure, unbridled evil. If there were a God we might ask him to allow the 2793 who died that day to rest in peace and bring comfort to their loved ones - still grieving five years on. Three years ago I walked by Ground Zero and noticed some graffiti on the security fence - "Hey Pat! We miss ya! Let me know if they got beer in heaven!" I'm afraid I wept.


  1. I couldn't bring myself to go to Ground Zero. Whenever I looked toward the south skyline, I just felt sick inside. I was only in NYC for two years, but it's been a part of my life for... my whole life. Not that it's about me, but that's where perceptions begin. Anyway, thanks for your words of sympathy and goodwill.

  2. I would go, but I think I sometimes torment myself.
    I didn't go to work that day, My dean couldn't understand that. I think that was the beginning of my disgust of him.

  3. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Sorry this is not relevant to your excellent post but a reply to your comment on my site. You can't comment because of stupid Blogger! I was a bit too quick to swap to Blogger in Beta and didn't know beforehand that comments between the 2 systems can't happen at the moment. I certainly haven't blacklisted you. ;) I do have Haloscan on my blog as well.


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