7 March 2007


"How many insects crawl in the grass in an English country garden?"
This is just an opportunity to share a few more photos of our garden last summer. And what a wonderful summer it was over here in the UK - sultry heat, meals out on the new decking, shorts and flip flops, the hum of insects, starry skies, lying in the grass, pruning unruly briars and thorns, digging hard white potatoes from the earth... Let's hope we get the same this year. Thank heavens for global warming!

Sonnet by John Clare (1841)

I love to see the summer beaming forth

And white wool sack clouds sailing to the north

I love to see the wild flowers come again

And mare blobs stain with gold the meadow drain

And water lillies whiten on the floods

Where reed clumps rustle like a wind shook wood

Where from her hiding place the Moor Hen pushes

And seeks her flag nest floating in bull rushes

I like the willow leaning half way o'er

The clear deep lake to stand upon its shore

I love the hay grass when the flower head swings

To summer winds and insects happy wings

That sport about the meadow the bright day

And see bright beetles in the clear lake play


  1. I like the garden gnomes. We have a gnome Wilfred and his side kick, Cliff, the squirrel which he is cuddling. Very charming.
    They together with the toad bring good luck, I am sure.

  2. And here was I thinking: "Cor, spring's a lot further on in Yorkshire than it is here!"

    Roll on summer ...

  3. I want a garden gnome!!!!!
    I have a garden dragon, turtle and goddess.

  4. What cute gnomes. The resemblance is...amazing!

  5. YP, I'd be so disappointed if you didn't have gnomes in your garden. However, you're missing a bit of Americana for your garden collection: plastic pink flamingos. I'll send you some, pronto.

  6. absolutely lovely darling, I've put you on my links list after you so kindly dropped by last week. I thought Yorkshire-Pudding's a good double barrelled name that'll look good on my side bar thingy. Lovely garden by the way, but word to the wise, the gnomes are a teensy bit lower middle class, might want to reconsider those.. ciao darling!

  7. Shoot, I hadn't thought about the gnomes being lower middle class. Definitely go for the plastic pink flamingos, YP! :)


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