26 March 2007


I have been tagged! No not by the prison service whilst released into the community but by one of my favourite bloggers Miss Jennyta @ "Demob Happy Teacher". Like Jennyta, I haven't done one of these taggy things for a long time so here goes. The idea is that you reveal five things about yourself that you have not previously displayed in your blog:

1. Unlike Gemmak who tagged Jennyta and Jennyta herself, I am right-handed and consider all those of the left-handed persuasion to be freaks!

2. Do you know Pink Floyd? I once borrowed Dave Gilmour's "Daily Mirror" on the island of Rhodes in order to catch up with the cricket scores and when I gave him his newspaper back I still didn't recognise him - "Cheers mate!" Left Dave Gilmour with his CBE in 2003

3. The best temporary job I ever did was as a nightwatchman at a caravan factory where my best friend was an Alsatian dog called Shane.

4. I was at university with Britain's current Home Secretary John Reid and at a students' meeting where I was the chairperson I had to say "I'm sorry John. You're time's up. If you don't move away from the mike I shall have to ask the stewards to remove you!" He moved. Still scowling on the right...

5. At the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 I slept through The Doors' entire set. I was exhausted.

Well if you want to be tagged then you are tagged! Give your five reponses in your own blog - this tag request goes out especially to Arctic Fox, Alkelda The Gleeful, JJ@ All Cobblers and Arthur Clewley....


  1. so I take it that you are responsible for the fact that he seems to hate everyone who is not him. You set him on the road to the blame culture

  2. John Reid was an exceptional leader of the students' union at Stirling - a very gifted politician. I for one would be happier to see him as PM than Golden Brown. To be a great leader there has to be not a little arrogant self-belief in your make up.

  3. You slept through The Doors? Oh man, you break my heart. Then again, I slept through Don Giovanni-- I'd had a full day of work and the theatre was so cozy. That was the most expensive nap I've ever taken.:(

  4. Normally, I don't
    Continue propagation
    Of tagging requests.

    Just for Yorkshire Pud,
    This one's slightly different,
    A haiku response.


  5. See, YP, it wasn't that hard! ;)

  6. You slept through the Doors!
    I fell asleep during Emmerson, Lake and Palmer at the same festival, about 2am I think on the Sat'day.
    Them were the days!


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