25 September 2007


"Liberty Living" - that is the name of a property group that houses students in several British cities - including Birmingham. Strange how "Liberty Living" couldn't even sort out their door keys properly when we took our lovely Frances down to England's second city to begin her university education! How can your living be free when you can't even unlock your front door?

Actually, the student flat she is in seems perfect and newly refurbished though its location is a little awkward for access to the campus.

We left our little girl there on Sunday and drove home. After the sadness of mum's passing, here was another sadness - the realisation that Frances's adult life proper has now started and she may never live at home again - just holidays and long weekends. New people will know her. Her friends won't be phoning and banging on the door. We won't be yelling at her to get her skates on. Courtesy of "Liberty Living" the fledgling has now flown. It leaves a certain emptiness behind - a void. She is nineteen tomorrow. Nineteen! Wow!

I wonder if "Liberty Living" has plans to weave its magic in the suburbs of Baghdad - a place where liberty seems in such short supply. And if there is "Liberty Living" is there also "Incarcerated Living" or "Slothful Living" or "Empty Living" specially for parents who have deposited their beloved children in universities? There's so much pressure and expectation at work just now - link this with mum's death and Frances's departure - I seem to have discovered a recipe for instant depression. Maybe seeing Hull City whup Chelsea tomorrow night will lift my spirits...

Left: Frances's student accommodation.


  1. I think, given the circumstances, you are well within your rights to have a blue moment or three.

    Just hang in there.

    Things could be worse... you could have no job... and a big mortgage to find.... be a hermit, recluse, unemployable, have a blog full of lurkers.....

    awww man, I'm blue too now!!


  2. I think Arcticfox said it all Yorkie.

    Taking things a single day at a time is probably the best course of action.

    Hang in there, things WILL get easier.

  3. yes it could be worse, you could be a monk in burma.. hull did try last night.

  4. I'm blue too. Today, Lucia is 4, and tomorrow (or soon enough) she'll be off to the university too.

  5. England's second city? Richmond has a university now? heck. tell your daughter she's welcome round for tea any time YP


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