29 November 2007


Meet my teddy bear. I have deliberately called him Jesus in order to insult religion because - let's face it - religion is claptrap and deserves to be insulted. So now I have called him Jesus I am waiting for the thought police to come and get me. They can lock me up with thieves and vagabonds for fifteen days or more or perhaps instead give me forty lashes. Such enlightened notions of justice have recently emerged from that shining beacon of civilisation and fair play that is Sudan. My thoughts tonight are with 54 year old British teacher Gillian Gibbons as she languishes in a Khartoum jail. I am thinking of renaming our cat Mohammad so that I can stand on the back step in dark winter nights yelling "Mohammad!" at the top of my voice. The neighbours would think I was stark raving bonkers. They'd be right.

Jesus - off for his holidays in Sudan.


  1. Great post! And I just love that teddy bear. Very, very good!

  2. I was going to post about this but was at such a loss at how to even pretend to be polite about this utter bullshit that I have refrained. You on the other hand have done it brilliantly.

  3. I too have read the reports about this and I'm absolutely astounded! It's beyond comprehension! I can only hope something is done about this. Being charged with Blasphemy for calling a teddy bear Mohammad is just shocking!

    BTW - you've been tagged!

  4. I couldn't agree more. I would love to post about this topic, but I have no idea how to go about it without resorting to coarse and unbecoming language and becoming increasingly angry. My normal approach to life (a reasonably logical one, I would like to think) is totally useless against religion. Oooh, I can feel my anger rising just thinking about the irrationality of it all...

  5. I thought I might rename the dogs, but we live in such a rural outpost I don't suppose anyone would hear me. Madness indeed. Proof that religion is an ass...

  6. I wonder just exactly how hungry and cold your cat would have to get before he/she would deign to answer to that name?


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