9 February 2008


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I have a confession to make. In recent weeks I have become addicted to a geographical knowledge game that can be found within the excellent Trip Advisor website. The game is based on a map and it flags up a place - say Beijing for example. With your mouse you click where you think Beijing is and an arrow flies in to your chosen location. Then a second arrow flies into the map to show you where Beijing really is and rapidly the distance between the two arrows is calculated. The lower the better as you proceed through the game developing your score. Some of the locations are amazingly obscure. In relation to one of the games, I am currently in the top ten world players but I guess this won't last. After all - I do have other things to do.

Trip Advisor is brilliant for providing travellers with honest information about hotels scattered around the planet. Other people's comments within Trip Advisor have influenced all of my hotel choices over the last three or four years.

My TV ad jingle for Trip Advisor:-
Trip Advisor! Trip Advisor!
If you're going somewhere
It'll make you wiser
If you're bound for Vegas or Timbuktu
Trip Advisor's the website for you!

Dear Trip Advisor - if you read this free advert, please send me fifty quid!
Map in Trip Advisor showing places I have visited.


  1. Is it possible that only 10 people have found the geography game on Trip Advisor? I can't find it!

  2. Sam - Sorry. Maybe you have to register as a member of Trip Advisor before you can get to the brilliant game. It can also be found in another travel website - Travel Pod - try that too.

  3. Sounfs great, YP. I think I'll recommend it to Younger Daughter. She was apparently away when they did geography at school. ;)

  4. I could use your geographical knowledge on a friday night sometimes YP as I seem to forget where I live somehow

  5. I have used tripadvisor for a long time for booking hotels and b&bs for those weekends away... nudge nudge.... I also make sure I leave comments about places I stay... it's a great service, and to know that you've found a purely recreational use for it is just another plus point in my book!!

    For pointless fun, I've always found the google image labeller to be a laugh:




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