7 February 2008


Ho ho! My head is throbbing with the sort of enlargement normally reserved for another more hidden part of my anatomy. I have won a blogging award thanks to Sir Rob Clack of "Dem Bones Dem Bones". This is what he wrote in his simple citation:-

"Yorkshire Pud for the way he talks so unpretentiously and openly about his own life..."

I feel genuinely honoured to receive this recognition. That word "unpretentiously" means a lot to me because that is how I do attempt to share aspects of my life and thoughts - not boasting, not self-pitying, trying to get across to other people who are mostly like me - flawed, filled with mixed bags of memories, dreams achieved and dreams thwarted, vulnerable, inconsistent, remembering, wishing, laughing, surviving... As Esther Rantzen might have said - "That's Life!"... Thanks Rob! And eat your heart out Brad The Gorilla!

Sir Rob Clack relaxing on the patio behind his mansion in Hertfordshire. Photo taken by Professor Dolly Clack of the University of Cambridge Canine Studies Department. Click on him to access his blog.


  1. The lack of comments suggests to me that there are a lot of green-seething bloggers out there - jealous of my award! My messge is - Try harder suckers!

  2. Congratulations Sir, I guess you will now be " Too Good " to hang around with the likes of us regular bloggers !

  3. This is an outrage! Perhaps "E for Eels (the Jellied Kind)" or "E for Earwax" would be more appropriate, Sir! And far be it for me to seethe with jealousy. I seethe with righteous indignation over such an upset of this kind. I am postively E for Ebullient.

  4. Ooh congrats Mr unpretentuous Pudding! ;)

  5. Well, congratulations! Now you will really have to tell us your name.

  6. Hmmm, you were doing really well, coming across as a Nice Person till you spoiled it with your dig at poor Brad the Gorilla. And 'try harder suckers!' - well now you've really shown your true colours!
    Brad, care to join me in a petition to cancel the award to YP?
    Let us right this outrage!!


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