11 March 2008


Drum roll like a heartbeat, long dramatic pause, go to the commercial break, return, more drum rolling, contestants standing nervously on the stage as the limerick competition results are announced in reverse order.
In fifth place.... Arctic Fox (Try harder next time!
In fourth place.... Friday's Web (Weird last line!)
In third place.... Occupied Country (Too clever!)
In second place... Alkelda the Gleeful (Unfair advantage given your literary skills!)
AND THE WINNER IS! Du dum, du dum (More Pause)... ANONYMOUS!

See the 1907 limerick with its winning last line:-

There was a young lady of Ryde
Whose locks were consider'bly dyed.
The hue of her hair
Made everyone stare...
Making her want to run off and hide

So Mr or Ms A. Nonymous wins this attractive picture of the Ornamental Lake in Ryde, Isle of Wight - photographed in 1912:-


  1. Aw dang.. I missed it. poopy

  2. As the camera zoomed in on me I successfully masked my abject disappointment by grinning inanely and enthusiastically applauding the winner.

    I later hit the bottle in an exclusive West-End club before being photographed very much worse for wear falling out of a black cab.

  3. There was a young man from Kent
    who swallowed a set of encyclopedia's
    His mum said Ken
    What have you done
    They were for supper

  4. Ah well, now, it's hard to compete with ANONYMOUS who has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. What kind of anti-aging pills did she take? If Anonymous doesn't show up to claim her prize, I'll happily accept on her behalf, especially if the prize is a case of Henderson's Relish. I need some!

  5. There once was a gal from Texas
    who failed to pay her taxes
    when the law came around
    She was not to be found
    Cause she done made trackses


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