1 May 2008


If somebody staggered from a pub with car keys in hand, fully intending to risk other people's lives by attempting to drive home, onlookers would be rightly horrified. That sense of horror needs to be replicated when we spot drivers on mobile phones. Personally, I notice them all the time - drivers of taxis, vans, concrete wagons and family cars. It's like an epidemic. Perhaps more horrific is the sight of drivers looking down at their laps as they drive while attempting to text at the same time. This is obviously harder to spot but it happens more than you might think.

I have ranted about mobiles in cars before so obviously I was delighted when the Ministry of Justice announced yesterday that 164,900 fixed penalty notices for using mobile phones while driving were issued in 2006. However, the tide has not yet turned. How many more deaths have to happen before the message truly hits home?

This is a comment left by a visitor after a BBC news item on this very subject:-

My fiance was killed by someone who was using a mobile while driving. Had that driver been prosecuted previously it may have made him think before doing it again - and my fiance may still be alive. The penalty can't be harsh enough as far as I'm concerned.

On this topic, I have a little side thought. Why should any driver be allowed to have one-way glass or obscuring glass in their car windows? This prevents police or other law enforcement officers from spotting wrongdoing - including mobile phone use while in transit. It's not right.


  1. They're not. The police can stop you and demand that you remove it (it peels off) and if you don't comply you get points on your licence.
    On the question of texting, it takes me all my time to text efficiently sitting on the sofa, never mind driving a car!

  2. Anonymous9:26 am

    There is so much about this world that is 'not right' that each and every day I have to search for the kind or beautiful or good so that I don't give up on mankind - I want my kids to remain happy and optimistic and look forward to the future ... their world view is still being shaped and I want to encourage positivity....but it's not easy!...ooops sorry for rant!

  3. Just like a lot of people used to think "hey, it's not THAT bad to drink and drive - - a couple of drinks makes my driving better"- - a lot of people think it's okay to drive whilst using a mobile. I hope eventually everyone will realise that it really isn't.

  4. It's not much, but if I call someone on his or her cell phone and I hear, "I'm on the road now," I say, "Okay, I'll talk to you later then, when you're not driving."

  5. Anonymous4:55 am

    Drivers on Mobile phones are a common thing here in BC, even though it's a fine if they're caught. One day in particular took the cake.

    Jeff was on his customary drive home from work in Vancouver Rush hour traffic. In the lane next to him while they were moving at a crawl, a woman was on her mobile phone, and looking down whilst she texted someone else on her blackberry. Both hands were off the wheel and she was steering with one of her her knees! If she'd needed to stop suddenly, she would have had NO chance!

    I find it ridiculous that so many people don't buy a hands free kit for their phones. They're cheap enough and it's far safer to use one of those than to cause an accident. Even though I have a phone, I would never use it whilst driving! It's one of the things that peeve me badly.


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