18 January 2009


Children of Gaza

410 little graves
410 candles snuffed out
410 soundless children's voices echoing
410 canyons of silence where laughter should ring
410 fragile collections of hopes and dreams shattered
410 cruel lies trying to justify the unforgivable
410 world politicians turning their backs
410 sheets hiding 410 innocent faces
410 empty spaces
410 reasons why the slaughter must cease
410 reasons for making their memorial a lasting peace
410 farewells
by Yorkshire Pudding - Jan 18th 2009


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  2. School - a place where we, as teachers, work so hard to develop and nurture the future, in an environment of optimism, happiness and SAFETY. Of all people this tragedy is so hard on us.

  3. Once more you express the injustice of it all so beautifully. Thank you.


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