6 January 2009


Al Fakhura
Sons and daughters
Of the Nazi Holocaust
Whose songs and poetry
Drip oceans of grieving tears
For the lost ones
Those grainy photographs
Of skeletal people
And mountains of shoes
Why do you, of all nations
Choose to wade through Gaza
Like Godzilla
Killing children
Killing dreams
With your American tanks? -
Your "weapons of mass destruction"

Covering our ears,
We sheltered in the school
At Al Fakhura
Listening to the sounds of genocide -
Screaming sirens
On the Adwan road
Your shells pounding
Like hell's drumbeat
My sisters sobbing in fear.
We called to the world
But nobody listened
Huddled together
As we were
Like trapped animals
A sacrificial slaughter.

Old Father Israel
You have brought
The wood and the fire
But where is the lamb?
Where is your mercy?
Where is the world?
by Yorkshire Pudding - Jan 6th 2009


  1. Two ancient cultures; one small strip of land; two vengeful gods full of wrath and retribution.

    It can never go well.

  2. A very apt description, and a moving poem, YP. Makes me feel sad and helpless, 'tho'...

  3. YP...you are a genius! What worries me is that the Arabic world may think that we do not care because we say nothing. Thank you for posting this.


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