14 June 2019


View from our room this morning
Santorini calling, come in please. Yes. Here we are in Room 38 of this 28 bedroom hotel. Go figure. The room feels quite Grecian and it looks out across Perissa to a mountain that I hope to scale in order to reach the ruins of Ancient Thira.

Today we were in the sea and in the swimming pool and this evening we ate well at Fillipo's Taverna. Prices are rather different from 1980 but the black sand is just as hot as I remember. It's best to wear diving shoes when you cross the beach.
White horse and man seen from  our balcony
From our little balcony I could see a horse and a donkey - each separately tethered in the hot sun without access to water.  It seemed cruel to me and I was planning to take a bucket of water to the horse when, in the early evening, his owner appeared and led him off.

Up on the mountain we can also see a little white church build into a rocky cleft. Lord knows how you get up there but I would like to try.

The internet connection is quite dodgy here but no doubt there will be other posts from this famous Grecian isle... Καληνύχτα  or Kali nichta (Good night!)
Mountain close up. Zooming in from our balcony


  1. It's distressing to see animals left in the hot sun like that...with no water within easy reach for them.

    The mountain is similar in appearance to Mount Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, where once I lived.

    Lovely clear photos, Yorkie...sunny days and a pleasant time ahead from all appearances.

  2. How absolutely amazing! Thank you!

  3. I can never reconcile how friendly and lovely Greek people are with the abysmal way they treat their animals. Seeing horses out in the midday sun with no shade or hobbled goats or stray cats and dogs gets me every time.

  4. You were going to take a bucket of water to the horse BUT NOT THE DONKEY??!!

    Seriously, that would have pretty much ruined my day - or my whole trip - to see animals being left in the sun with no water and no way to get to any. Animals have a very rough life a lot of the time.

  5. I can tell that you're going to have a good time.

  6. Like you, I'd make sure to get up on that mountain to the ruins, and also to find the hidden path to the white chapel.
    Beach, swimming pool and a good meal sounds like a great start of the holiday for you two.
    The situation of the horse and donkey sounds terrible. I do hope this was a one-off (but somehow I'm afraid I guess it is the normal way of treating animals for many people).

  7. That chapel looks fascinating. Poor horse and donkey.

  8. I have never been further than Scotland but my kids and Grandkids have all travelled widely. One of the things that would upset me in a lot of countries would be the cruelty to animals, I don't think I could bear to see it.
    Good luck scaling that mountain in the heat, don't forget the knotted hankie on the head, lol

    1. Why "lol" at knotted hankies on heads? Yorkshiremen wear them all the time in sunny weather and flat caps in rainy weather.

  9. Those are great photos. Looking forward to seeing more of Santorini.

  10. Room 38 - are you are in room 8 on the third floor?
    Tat first photo, particularly is worthy of a painting YP. It looks like perfect ! I'm always amazed at how well the Greeks have retained the essence of their islands, and haven't, on the whole, spoiled them, the way the Spaniards have ruined all the coastline along the Med. with high rise apartments and hotels.


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