23 January 2020


Shirley and I are heading over to East Yorkshire this afternoon. We'll be away till Saturday and in the intervening time I won't be blogging or visiting other people's blogs. I am going to be the best man at my friend Tony's second wedding thirty two years after I was the best man at his first wedding He is marrying Pauline. Shirley has made half of the wedding cake.
My best man's speech is now written which is a relief. I was a bit like that hare in one of Aesop's fables. It would have been better to crack the speech days or even weeks ago but I left it till the last minute. Silly me. Still I am pretty happy with it and I am sure it will be well-received. All those years in school classrooms means that delivering speeches is something I take in my stride. Like water off a duck's back. In fact I quite enjoy that kind of situation and assembled wedding guesrs are generally "with" the speakers - not against them.

To accompany this little blogpost, I am adding three photographs I took on Tuesday morning while walking around Stanage Edge. I will get back to you at the weekend. Take care.


  1. Have a great speech and enjoy the celebration.

  2. Have fun! I'm sure the speech will be great.

  3. Enjoy the wedding and the trip!

  4. Have fun! I am sure your speech will be well received. Maybe writing it at the last minute will keep it more spontaneous and natural than something that has been prepared weeks or even months before.
    The last photo here makes me want to go out for a hike immediately.

    1. There was smoke in the air from the controlled burning of moorland vegetation.

  5. Have a great time, and behave yourself!

  6. Did you make the other half of the cake as well as being best man?

  7. I would love to hear that speech, I bet it will be amusing but sincere.
    Enjoy your break from the blog, look forward to the return.

    1. Sincerity is my middle name. Thank you Briony.

  8. Bye for now. Safe journey.

  9. Have a good time, and good luck with the speech!

  10. I expect you're probably gone by now, but just in case I will wave and bid you bon voyage anyway :)

    1. I am back home now Jenny but thanks for your good wishes.

  11. Hope your speech is well received. All the best to the happy couple.

    1. Thanks CG. The speech went down well and it was a happy wedding with no fighting.

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