17 September 2022


Summer Hill at Spark Bridge - where we are staying

Today, Saturday September 17th, was a good day. We woke in our lovely apartment  after peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. It was sunny outside and so my first walking plan could be enacted. We set off on foot from Summer Hill at ten thirty and returned two hours later even though at one point we became a little lost and disoriented. Some of the paths around here are little walked and signage has been neglected. Halfway round, my beloved wife was unhappy with me and my guidance and in fact used a coarse unladylike word which I shall not repeat.

On our morning walk
On Roa Island looking to Piel Island

After resting back at Summer Hill and enjoying cheese and tomato sandwiches, we drove along the coast road to Roa Island - a very curious place and not an island at all because it is linked to the mainland  via a manmade causeway. Beyond Roa is another island called Piel. There's a castle there and a pub. You reach it aboard a twelve seater ferry. Today we were too late in relation to the tide timetable but we''ll try again tomorrow. It is a place I have often had a hankering to visit.

Wreck of a fishing boat by the causeway to Roa Island

I made a nice evening meal back at the apartment and afterwards we headed to the nearby town of Ulverston. We had seen publicity that this evening would be the night of the little town's annual lantern procession. We waited for an hour near the entrance to Ford Park and then the lantern procession arrived. It was a huge enterprise involving several thousand townsfolk of all ages. So  many homemade lanterns and such a buzzing atmosphere. Sadly my photographs of this marvellous community event were quite disappointing.

Horse lantern at Ulverston Lantern Procession


  1. Beautiful sights and entertaining activities. I bet the lanterns were impressive; it's not that important to get a photo. You will remember seeing them!

  2. Anonymous1:18 am

    The weather does look nice. Ulverston is not a large town so that was a good turn out of parade participants. Oh, excitement. I just noticed Ulverston has a Laurel and Hardy Museum.

  3. You are so lucky to be sharing these experiences.

  4. Oh, that looks like a lovely spot for a holiday. I am feeling a tad envious.

  5. Summerhill looks like a lovely place to stay. Piel Island with its castle and pub sounds interesting. Both would very much appeal to me.

  6. Getting a little lost along the way can lead to unexpected adventures and beautiful spots one would have never discovered otherwise. Unless I am pressed for time (because I need to catch a train home), very cold, wet, hungry or thirsty, I really don‘t mind a bit of a detour.
    The horse lantern is impressive; I have never seen anything like it. The rusty old boat is sad but beautiful at the same time.

  7. Well it certainly looks like your choice for a get-away has a bit of everything. How nice!

  8. Mrs. Pudding got mad at you! What was the word? She's a nurse, I'll bet she knows a lot of coarse words:)

    I didn't realize how far north the Lake District was until I looked it up on the map. I remeber watching a movie about Beatrix Potter and know that she helped preserve a lot of the land in that area but I didn't realize it was a national park. Looking forward to many more photos.

  9. Your photos are a tonic, Big Man.
    Wreck of the fishing boat by the causeway.
    Horse lantern procession at Ulverston.
    The pier on Roa Island. Who doesn't love piers?
    They filmed *O ! What A Lovely War* on Brighton Pier.
    Ye don't mind being called Big Man, do ye ?
    My London brother winces at the term and he is six feet four.
    Get his jackets and troosers from Big Men's Clothing.

  10. Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. The weather looks great!

  11. I think Stan Laurel was born in Ulverston?

  12. Well that last photo turned out pretty well! As did all the others. Looks like you're having a great time, temporary spousal irritation notwithstanding.

  13. I'm not sure what has happened but I can no longer access your blog through my blog. Not sure if you have deleted me, as I don't recall deleting you. Can't seem to add you again either. I hate technology

  14. I love that horse!

  15. The horse lantern is pretty amazing. How lucky to be there at the right time for the festival.

  16. Love the horse lantern, and what a good time to choose to visit, in time for the festival.


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