23 February 2024


I was going to  apologise about the messy video content in this blogpost. It just would not load up and display as I intended. All I was trying to do was to upload a single tiktok video - the subject of which is a poem called "Sheffield" read out on a BBC radio show by John Cooper-Clarke who is sometimes referred to as Britain's alternative poet laureate. He is also often called our number one punk poet though he scorns that label

He's 75 years old now and still going strong in spite of the fact that he looks as though he is suffering from some kind of terminal disease. Anyway, I hope I have got the tiktok link almost sorted now.  You may only get to see a section of the radio reading.Afterwards, you'll find the written version of this poem.

This northern city where I am typing now is used to being neglected, overlooked, almost unseen in spite of the fact that it has a population of well over half a million so I wasn't going to allow a frustrating technical tangle to prevent me from sharing the poem tonight. Thank you for your forbearance. 



I’ve travelled up and down this country
From St Helens down to St Ives
I’ve dined in the finest of places,
and there’s one word I read on the knives
displayed on any blade of quality
Sheffield Sheffield Sheffield
It calls to me.
I’m going to Sheffield
I really rate it
I mean Sheffield
I’m gonna reiterate it


Sheffield Sheffield Sheffield
It’s got to be.
There’s Richard Hawley on the corner
The Cockers both Jarvis and Joe
Henderson’s Relish to order
And a steak and kidney to go
Park Hill's airborne avenues above.
Sheffield – that’s a place I love.
I’m going to Sheffield
The reputation is stainless
Oh yeah Sheffield
Internationally famous
Where hobnail boots are shabby chic
And Wednesday ain’t some day of the week


Sheffield Sheffield Sheffield
Shoo be doo bee doeee
I’m going to Sheffield
My destiny walks here
You heard me right Sheffield
Republic of South Yorkshire
It’s a town that’s out on its own
I’m gonna shout it down this microphone
Sheffield is my second home
Sweet home sweet home
Sweet home sweet swingin’ ho-ome
by John Cooper-Clarke


  1. He certainly get the idea across that he likes Sheffield.

  2. Excellent. I do like the line "Republic of South Yorkshire".

  3. I've seen Sheffield on TV, the "Salvage Hunters" (tv show) went there once and looked around the factory where all the knives and flatware are made, it was very interesting. I think Sheffield tableware is available here too, but there are many other brands available too. My own tableware is Stanley Rogers, because it was on sale when I needed a new set.

  4. I have seen him live many years ago. Have you seen his Yorkshire jokes on You Tube? He's still touring even Cork.

  5. Couldnt get the link to work for the video but Sheffield is a great place, although I only spent a day there!

  6. The Tik-Tok embed worked for me. His poem is almost like a rap in places, the rhyming and the rhythm.

  7. A place to see, when you host the great blogger gathering.

  8. You know I know Sheffield a little bit, and was only somewhat disappointed when my sister and I embarked on a canal walk and found it very unappealing with plenty of litter and signs of neglect at just that part we had chosen to walk, not far from our hotel.
    We liked the cathedral, the shops and restaurants, and the park and museum (can't remember right now the name of it, but I it featured on my blog some years ago).
    The layout of Sheffield is a little odd, with the central train station being relatively far away from the city centre, meaning a long walk with luggage if you don't want to use some other form of public transport.


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