13 February 2006


Dear Visitors - Blogging pause so that Yorkshire Pudding can have a well-earned break in Madrid, Spain. I'll be back at the weekend with news of this little Spanish adventure.... Buenos dias! YP


  1. have fun Yorkie!!

  2. Ho ho. Watch me do mischievous things to Mr Pudding's blog while he's gone. By the time he comes back, he'll find 20 pizzas at his front doorstep.

    Or something. I'm just brainstorming at the moment.

  3. Have a blast!
    On a serious note, no junk, no flirts, no bull - I've found some information that may be very important to you. My email is public in my profile. Please email me when you return.

    Warmest regards to you and yours,

  4. Hope you had a wunner ful time


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