27 February 2006


This is the third episode of the gripping tale of "Dave the Frozen Yorkshire Pudding". Thanks this time to Tallullah for moving the story on. Any other offerings? C'mon - don't be bashful...!

Dave the Pudding was feeling a little less full of himself - no doubt a direct cause of gravy loss - but was still keen on some adventure. He meandered along until he came upon an abandoned skateboard. Climbing onto the skateboard, he noticed it move.
"Hmmm," he muttered, "this might prove to be an interesting way to get about."
With one tiny foot on the ground, Dave started to propel the skateboard and was soon ambling forward with ease. Unfortunately, he didn't see the hill until it was too late. At the crest of the hill his skateboard began to picked up speed. All Dave could do was hang on for dear life.
"Oh, mother of God! Will it never end?" he wailed into the night. Clinging to the skateboard, Dave began to enjoy the scary ride. He discovered that if he leaned to the left or right, the skateboard would veer in that direction. If he moved to the back of the board the front would rise up and he would be riding on two wheels. If he bounced, the whole board bounced too. It didn't take him long to discover real thrill with this frenzied ride.
"Woohoo! Look at me! I am so loving this!" he screamed into the wind. I want to be a skateboard rider for the rest of my life! That marked the beginning of Dave the Pudding's rise to fame as an Extreme Skateboarder.


  1. Tony Hawk...he's gotta meet him. And then there's always that video game with Tony Hawk..and I think Bam Margera is in it. No, I don't play it and wouldn't know it if my kids weren't in love with Bam and yu probably don't even know who Bam is. *sigh* But Dave has to meet Tony Hawk.

    Who did the artwork? It is excellent!!

  2. Surely by this time, Dave is losing any crispness he ever had.


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