13 February 2006


This is a little challenge I picked up from another blogger. I am sure we have all dipped into the mind boggling library that is Google Image Search. Now the thing is to select images from the very first page you call up - no cheating by checking out succeeding pages. See the headings below with my results.
City and Province/State/County where you were born. Current town/city of residence.
Your names - first and last.

Grandmother's first name.

Favourite food.
Favourite drink.
Favourite smell.

Favourite song.


  1. Cool. By this I can tell that you were born in a cloud; I already knew your town of residence, sort of; your name is Sunset Beatles; your favorite food is fish & chips; your favorite drink is either coffee or tea; your favorite smell is wet marajuana; your favorite song is Jesus Christ, Superstar. I skipped a couple in there so as not to show my ignorance. Ummm, yeah.

  2. The smell was "after rain smell" - no damned margarineuana! And yes you've got it - my name is Sunset Beatles! Well it sounds better than my real name. How about some images from you?

  3. by george's mind isn't working to full capacity today..


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