14 June 2007


Endcliffe Park

Green lung
Where mothers come to push Silver Crossed toddlers
As dog walkers walk their hairy dogs.
See it on a summery Sunday afternoon
Frisbees and football
Amidst picnicking people.
It’s like a Lowry print
Except the figures move.
Glad to be alive
Casting shadows on the grass.

Once, long ago
I laid in a snowfall there
And left my shape
Like a murder victim
Waiting for
Summer to return.

by Yorkshire Pudding June 14th 2007
Queen Victoria guards the Hunters Bar entrance to Endcliffe Park, Sheffield.


  1. Very good, in fact. :)

  2. I concur. You clever bugger.

  3. This is a stunning poem. I wish I knew more of the specific references... time to do research again.

  4. "Silver-crossed toddlers". Brilliant.

  5. Anonymous9:43 am

    very nice poem jep

  6. Thank you dear readers... as all true poets do..
    I shall take a bow and give thanks to you..
    Thanks to Steve from fair Manchester town
    And sweet Alkelda in her see-through gown
    The muttering lady who loveth the horse
    Not forgetting Jennyta of course!
    And finallly dear Julie who cometh at last
    As she moans to the poet - "You're going too fast!"

  7. Is there no end to your talents, YP! (Add proof reading to the list!)

  8. Not bad, but I bet you can't put a Rowntrees Fruit Pastille in your mouth without realising they are made from boiled cows' bones!!!


  9. Hey! How did you find out about the see-through gown? Shocking, I say.


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