29 June 2007


Nothing lasts forever... Take this blogging lark. In my "Planet Blog" list of blogs I like to visit (see right of this post) there are now several blogs that used to be very active but have now either been forgotten, mothballed or deliberately neglected. Perhaps the bloggers just got fed up with it all and have moved on to other diversionary hobbies. Every time I click and find nothing new, it's like I am losing an old friend or a human connection that meant something to me but has now ceased to be.... "Hanging Hope on a Heads Up 1973 Penny", "Arthur Clewley's Diary", "Brad the Gorilla" ... just examples of blogs that have been put on ice. But as each old blog fades away, along comes a gang of new vivacious bloggers such as "Muddy Boots" from my homeland and "Mutterings and Meanderings". All is not lost. As in life, we must move on. Move on.

I have been a blogger for just over two years now. Mostly, I have enjoyed this hobby. It is an outlet for my everlasting dreams about publishing and sharing words with others and it has been a useful way into connecting with different bloggers around the globe. I enjoy the fact that it is free, uncensored, uncontrolled and almost anarchic. However, I don't like the sound of the word "blogger". It's like an informal term for someone who spends too long on the lavatory reading a newspaper, groaning with the muscular exertion of it all before depositing a bricklike "blog". Ah well...


  1. I'm still here although I don't post as much. Seems I am not able to multi task as I once was.

    I was reading about the flooding you are having over there.. We are having unseasonably wet weather here too. People being washed away etc.

    I didn't realize I'd been away from your blog as long .. sorry.

  2. What do you mean, I'm on ice? If anything, ice is on ME! Oh, I'm so confused now. Anyway, Lady K. yammered on and would not give me any peace until I put up a blog post. So, now I have. I'm a busy, busy gorilla, though, and don't have time for requests that aren't laced with bribes.

  3. You are right, 'blogger' is a rather unpleasant sounding word. Blogging has a bad rep too. So many people look down their noses at me and say, "So, you have a blog, so does everyone!"

    What they don't realize is that mine is not like every other blog, in fact mine is a work of genius;) So many bloggers give the profession a bad reputation. I would like to see an end to people posting holiday snaps of their trip to Great Yarmouth on their blogs, and maybe also to those people who insist on posting pics up of their genitals. What's up with that? I suppose it's possible that aliens are reading blogs and are pleased to get a view of what non airbrushed vaginas look like....but otherwise I simply don't understand it.

  4. yes l agree the word blogger does have a sense or feeling of the horriblely revolting. perhaps cyberdiarist or life observer would be more appropriate or just plain web correspondent, hope your property etc is ok? funny how the news of the northern flooding only managed brief coverage down south!

  5. I, too, miss many bloggers who have quieted down over the last little while. But, it's nice to see their faces pop up when they do.

    Anarchic - I like that. Sid Vicious did anarchy well. I bow to his feet. Well, would have - maybe. For now, I'm happy with Michael Moore's semi-anarchic, quasi-insane, uber-zealous antics. I hope to be called an anarchist, one day.

  6. BY GEORGE - Naughty girl! Come here for your much deserved spanking!
    BRAD THE GORILLA - My trick worked! I have tempted you out of your leaf-munching hideaway.
    EMMAK - Welcome! You are so right. Blogworld should be policed and I will lead the vigilante group - obliterating inferior blogs. Will you ride with me in the battle against the unblogs?
    MUDDY BOTTOM "cyberdiarist" sounds like the end of a degree course. "And what were you studying at the University of Bridlington? "
    "Oh, I took a masters course in cyberdiaratrics!"
    "Mmmm...Impressive. Just what you need to open an ice cream emporium in Skipsea-by-the-Sea and getting closer!"
    FRIDAY WEB. I'm calling you an anarchist TODAY! So your dream has already come true. Your other dream of seeing my sausage fingers will be fulfilled quite soon.

  7. Might I refer you to some stats about this kind of behaviour that I blogged some time ago?


    If you also remember, in one of my moments where I was branching out the dwindling pool of blog friends that were still active.... I found you.... how lucky were you that day???


    Keep up the good work!!


  8. I think I was more productive when I started because the nights were dark and I wasn't off messing around with the horses.

    I wonder how long I'll stick it.

  9. I'm a bit like M&M YP. Blog still alive, just that other things either more pressing and necessary or more enjoyable like being out and about in the erm 'summer' take precedence. Rumours of the death of arthur clewey's diary have been greatly, well, ok, only slightly, exaggerated!

  10. Anonymous7:20 pm

    im still here even if your not jep

  11. hum.. spanking??!! :D

  12. Sorry YP, I got bushwacked... By my new motorcycle and the pleasant side effects of now having a like minded riding companion as well... still a tad befuddled as to how that happened though. Must be that arrow that that silly cherub fired at me...


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