8 December 2007


I was tagged by Arctic Fox to write a letter that would whisk back through time to the boy I was at thirteen. What advice would I give him?

Dear Mini-Me,

I am writing this to you from the year 2007 via a communication phenomenon called “The Internet” that was first developed by the US military. Although we bear the same name, none of the cells that make up me were ever part of you because the human body constantly replenishes and reforms itself. However, if you could see my face now you would be looking at an older version of yourself – weary, battleworn – something of a nightmare. Certainly not another “Portrait of Dorian Gray”.

I hesitate to give you any advice because it would probably only fall on deaf ears. At thirteen you have to discover things for yourself. You cannot be accelerated to maturity, wisdom or adulthood. You have to find your own path with its twists and turns, inclines and declines. There are no yellow brick roads.

But if any tips just might seep into you, I will try these:-

1) Live and act honestly at all times – be truthful and though it can be easy to deceive others, you will never deceive yourself.
2) Be proud of yourself. Avoid the trap of constantly comparing yourself with others. Be who you are and lift up your head to the world. It really doesn’t matter what others might think of you.
3) Be kind. You are everyone’s equal. Treat people with respect and embroider your days with small acts of kindness to brighten other earthlings’ lives.
4) Never smoke cigarettes. They are the devil’s own invention.
5) Remember that time passes quickly. Soon you will find yourself here in 2007. Try not to squander the years. Pack as much in as you can. Make memories. Make friends. Make love.

So that’s it Mini-Me. I can’t say I have many regrets about my life so, if you cross roads carefully, when you get to walk in my shoes I think you will be happy enough with how it all turned out but finally, I should think more than twice about a career in the teaching profession. Be a rock star instead!


I hereby tag these five blog-visitors to write their own letter to themselves - or at least to the people they were at thirteen:- JJ (Cobblers), ARTHUR CLEWLEY, JENNYTA, @theMill and BY GEORGE.


  1. Bloody hell YP, that's challenging home work. It may take some time, but I'll give it thought.
    Do I get detention if I hand it in late?

  2. @themill - No! You do not get a detention! You have to come into my study where I have my own special way of ensuring compliance... and "it may take some time"! You bad, bad girl!

  3. YP: What would your rock and roll band have been called? Yorkshire and the Puddings? Henderson's Relish Fetish? Do tell!

  4. Interesting! Will certainly give this a try.

  5. another 'life at 13' letter. these are becoming an absolute treat!!!

  6. Well I did it. Not sure if it's what I was supposed to do, but its hard to put limitations on aqueous beings like me (Pisces)

  7. By the Way.. How are your wife and your tooth?

  8. "The Internet" hehehe.


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