21 January 2008


It seems as if most inhabitants of Blogworld have pet words and thanks for all the extra suggestions - a sample of which I give you below:-

From Brad Gorilla in Seattle - "peon"

From Muddy Boots in my homeland (East Yorkshire) - "barmpot" (There are plenty in Bridlington!)

From "but why?" - lascivious" and "kumquat" and please don't apologise for imports as the English language is forever opening its doors to new words - hence "bungalow" (Hindi) and kayak (Inuit) for example.

From Anonymous - "discombobulated" (meaning utterly confused)

From Jennyta - "ululating" - as in the sentence "Keith was on guard while Jennyta was ululating behind the hedge."

From the Goddess of Clarity in New York - Of course - "clarity"!

From the delectable Mutterings and Meanderings in northeastern England - one of my favourites - "malarkey"... sometimes written as "mularkey"

From MOPSA in the south west of this sceptred isle - "oodles"...

Words. Lovely aren't they? Like fresh clay waiting to be moulded into beautiful artefacts or into weapons we can hurl at our enemies. Any more words?


  1. I take it you didn't do latin then! ;)

  2. Jennyta - I didn't "do latin" but I can manage a mean foxtrot!

  3. It's artifacts, man, not artefacts! "Artefacts" are fancy-schmantzy bon-mots uttered by the glitterati at pompous art openings. I love those art openings, if only for the free hors d'ouvres (i.e. "horse de-vores") and wine-in-a-box.

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  5. Actually, Brad, "artefact" and "artifact" are both correct spellings. Here's an article about the possible reasons for the differences in spelling: http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-art1.htm

  6. Window is a word I like, both for its gentle sound and for its meaning. Just found your blog, Mr Pudding, and am enjoying it - thank you.


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