20 April 2008


So near but yet so far. The promised land of The Premiership - a land of milk and honey, flash cars and media exposure, wages delivered in a fleet of Securitas vans, players who think and perform speedily, a brand of football that has encircled our planet... Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Aston Villa.... A dream world.

Hull City are like Jude Fawley in Hardy's "Jude The Obscure". The spires of Christminster remain so far away though we can see them on the horizon - shining brightly. On Saturday morning, we were second in The Championship. Around Hull the hype had been whipped up to a frenzy. Twelve thousand season tickets for next year had already been sold. And so we went to Sheffield United's Bramall Lane - the only fixture I can sensibly walk to. Quietly and not a little nervously, we sat in the home supporters' Valad stand and watched The Tigers beaten by a better team on the day. No excuses. We were crap. The Blades fans were chanting "Are you Wednesday in disguise?" to the tune of "Bread of Heaven".

Two-nil to the ten-man Blades - Captain Morgan was sent off. Strange how a despondent mood then descends like a North Sea fog, to make the rest of the weekend feel like it should share titles with Stephen King's famous novel. Two games to go - Crystal Palace at home and Ipswich away - hardly a springboard into The Premiership - more like a deathtrap. Oh woe is me!


  1. My commiserations, YP. I was going to write 'Get a grip, man!' but kindness prevailed.
    (See my answer to your comment on my blog btw.)

  2. Well, take solace in the fact that you didn't have to endure a sledge hammer to your ankles...

  3. Funnily anough, and completely randomly, I took Dawn to Hull yesterday. Neither of us has been there before and we fancied a trip out. We boarded a train and went to The Deep!! We had a good day out actually... found a lovely cellar bar called The Hop and Vine - a tiny little place with lovely beers and homemade food.... spent most of the freezing cold afternoon in there drinking Yorkshire Penny!! They had match commentary on... very quietly!! If you don't know the place already, check it out next time you're there... it's 24 Albion Street!!

    Commiserations on the result.... bloody pigs!!


  4. Tough luck mate, get a cold one from the fridge

  5. I've emailed your brother with a couple of questions, YP but if I think of anything else, I'll let you know, thanks.

  6. PS - And I am assuming there is wifi there, of course, or how will I be able to blog? ;)

  7. No wi-fi I am afraid but hey if you are on holiday - give it a rest.


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