27 April 2008


Heavens! My last post re. hate and love lists seems to have engendered more interest than usual. The idea was not original - I discovered it on David's NZ blog - "Arcane Engima" - so thanks David! Since I posted those "hate" and "love" lists, I have kept thinking about other "items" I might have included, so here's a few more for your edification:-
HATE:- "Baby on Board" signs in rear windscreens, Simon Cowell, smokers standing at pub or restaurant entrances, smokers in dressing gowns outside hospital entrances, ice build-up in the freezer compartments of refrigerators, Margaret Thatcher, speed cameras, any items of clothing that are emblazoned with the manufacturer's name or logo, dead and oily seabirds on a beach, drivers who park in disabled-only bays, fly-tipping of rubbish, Monarch Airlines, white fat on bacon or pork, computer spam or virus producers, graffiti on buses, girl bands, boy bands,marking children's books at one in the morning, marking exam papers on a Sunday afternoon, missing or misplaced apostrophes, Scottish racism towards the English, quorn...

LEFT: Thatcher.
Not long now
ye old bat!
RIGHT: Guinness.
They say that sales
are down - Even in
Ireland itself.

LOVE:- My guitar, Spurn Point, sunsets, full English breakfasts, fish and chips with mushy peas, stationery shops, The Sheffield "Star", San Francisco, the Trip Advisor website, anybody who can tell me a joke that really makes me laugh, the smell of the air when fresh rain follows a long dry spell, William Shakespeare, Guinness in western Ireland, the speed dial reaching 100mph on an empty motorway, Oxfam shops, BBC Radio 4, Terry Wogan, yo-yos, writing poetry, writing plays for adolescents, rarely trodden paths in the countryside, Pink Lady apples, the flag of St George, the white cliffs of Flamborough Head, Beverley Minster, memories of playing rugby, studying grains of sand while lounging on a summery beach, conkers, weddings, craftsmanship...


  1. I smiled at your apos'trophe's' hate... - mine too. I consider it reflects the decline of all literary standards in the world...No wait, it's probably CAUSING it! I embarrass' friends by rubbing them out off cafe chalk signs' when pas's'ing. Ditto wit and courage. Blush away. Come up and read MY blog sometime darhling...

  2. Pink Lady apples - yep, I like them too.

  3. Spurn Point - Wonderful! Mrs Thatcher - Yes, Goodbye, Hurrah! I was going to try to write something witty but instead found myself agreeing with almost all your choices so am now reduced to the rather wet-sounding "ooh, that was really interesting".

  4. Old chap, I cannot tell you how rabid it makes me to see "it's" when it should be "its." That said, I'm surprised at your distaste of girl bands. Before the Donnas became of age, they were a force with which to be reckoned.

  5. "Not long now you old bat" - YESSS!!!! The dancing on the grave will be heard from the moon.

  6. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Hhhhhhhmmmmm...yet again I agree with nearly all of those....but which list would you place each of the following on......The Queen Mother, Figs, Tom Waits, Scotch Eggs?

  7. I was all for copying this idea, but you seem to have exactly the same likes and dislikes as me so it would just look like a straight copy and paste from your blog if I did.

    Except for mobile phones - indispensable when you are in a long distance relationship.

  8. Football.

    I'm crossing my fingers for Hull I saw them play Scarborough at the McCain stadium in the last season The Seagulls were in the football league. It was a real relegation battle. Mark Hately was Hull's player/manager and, even at that age, you could see the difference in class. It peed down all afternoon and Hull won 2-1.

  9. KATHERINE - Great minds think alike. I don't think I am being pedantic when annoyed by grammatical inaccuracy. In my view if people cannot express themselves accurately then their thinking is clearly muddled.
    JENNYTA - I bet the sweet little primary school kiddies brought you plenty of apples when they skipped gaily into your classroom!
    DAPHNE - Several women have said to me "Ooh that was really interesting!" but these are not the words I wanted to hear. Incredible or brilliant but not interesting!
    BRADLEY CHIPMUNK - I think you need specific lessons to overcome your mental blockage re its and it's. It's bizarre!
    MOPSA - W3e shall dance on her grave together for all those she crushed, rejected and even killed.
    DEIRDRE - I would put all of those "items" on my Love list. You can't beat a nice Scotch egg while listening to a Tom Waits album as you dstare at a picture of the Queen Mother, looking forward to some figs in syrup for dessert.
    JJ - Surely there are one or two other likes and dislikes that would be pretty unique to you - such as Northampton Town and New Cross and Reidski farting loudly in bed.
    STEVE - You can see that the mighty Tigers have come a long, long way. Who knows - one day we may play Man City in a league match when it could so easily have been Droylsden!


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