14 November 2008


When I was a school student, I absolutely loathed Chemistry. Now The Royal Society of Chemistry have decided with presumptive self-importance that it is their place to make scientific pronouncements about Yorkshire Puddings that are frankly libellous! Take this headline - "Yorkshire puddings must rise four inches or higher, rule the chemists"! What? Four inches! No way! The Yorkshire Pudding must rise seven inches at least! No housewife would be satisfied with a four inch rise. In the picture below - issued by the RSC - you can see a housewife (well I'm praying it's a housewife!) tugging at a Yorkshire Pudding, lasciviously trying to make the poor fellow rise higher. Click on said picture to link to the BBC article on this topic of international importance:-

Personally I think the RSC should stick to bunsen burners, test tubes and copper sulphate and leave the humble Yorkshire Pudding alone or maybe one day the BBC will be hosting an article that reads "Members of The Royal Society of Chemistry will never rise again, rules Yorkshire Pudding".


  1. Anonymous3:14 pm

    I'm ashamed to say that I have started to buy those packets of twelve for about tuppence that are already cooked.....just heat them up in the oven...ahem...shall I hang my head in shame?

  2. DEIRDRE - unless you are a ruddy-faced Yorkshire lass, there is no need to feel ashamed. Frozen puds are the closest non-Yorkshire folk will ever get to real YPs unless of course you come to our county for a holiday! I recommend either Withernsea for a coastal holiday or a quaint little Dales village I know called Leeds for an inland break.

  3. I don't make my own yorkshire puddings either!! My Aunt Bessie makes them and my vegetarian-toad-in-the-holes too!!

    The pudding in your pic simply looks like the oven weren't hot enough to me..... looks a bit like them shoe leather yorkshire puddings we used to get served at school!!


  4. MR FOX Stick to chickens!

  5. What about Simon Thackery and his boat race? You'd need more than seven inches for those YP's. All I know is that GOOD Yorkshire Puddings should have crispy bottoms. I'm hoping that rules you out YP.

  6. Is he any relation to the late Jake?

  7. KATHERINE - Simon Thackeray! The person behind The Great Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race! Making fun of northern cuisine... I understand he was born down south. He should go back there. There's nothing funny about Yorkshire Puddings. They should be venerated - nay worshipped!
    CAN BASS 1 - He was Jake Thackeray's love child following a one night stand in London.

  8. The closest I've ever come to making Yorkshire Puddings from scratch has been my numerous attempts at popovers. Sometimes the popovers actually pop over, and other times they stubbornly refuse to rise. It all seems to depend upon the temperature of the day, how much or little I've whisked the ingredients, and what flour I've used. I dream of a proper Yorkshire Pudding.


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