30 April 2009


Today there was peace in the world. There is little to report. The financial markets remained stable. Not one single bullet was fired anywhere and the weather was calm with untroubled seas and sunshine everywhere. Swine flu figures didn’t alter and there were no hold ups on motorways. Nobody of any note died and there were no important anniversaries. In the world of sport, there were no transfer rumours or angry spats, no debates about Formula One’s future or Andy Murray’s prospects on the tennis court. No lions escaped from zoos and no Japanese fishing fleets went out on scientific research missions to kill whales and bring them back to Tokyo for eating. All Somalian pirates had a sick day. No politicians abused their status in order to claim dubious expenses and Jesus did not risk a second coming. So as there is no news, here’s a little music…..


  1. now THAT's what we call GOOD news, eh?

    thank you, :-)


  2. PS. Interesting that you haven't had many comments... I guess most people prefer cynicism, grumps and moans. As for me, I haven't watched television news for 15 years, and grit my teeth at my daily radio dose, to which I feel I *should* listen for some reason....


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