7 May 2009


Search “Google” for “Yorkshire Pudding” and you find over 382,000 references. I moseyed through some of those sites and produced this rather random sample of lines or paragraphs containing “Yorkshire Pudding”. It’s not always about making Yorkshire puddings or recipes – sometimes the usage is more figurative and unexpected....

Did you know February 1st was National Yorkshire Pudding Day? The Mustard Pot are celebrating this with special yorkshire pudding starters, plenty of yorkshire puddings with the sunday roast and some exciting yorkshire pudding desserts! - “Mustard Pot” Restaurant ad Jan 2009
It looked for a moment as if Harold Wilson were about to smother in a Yorkshire pudding of his own making. - “Time” magazine Feb 4th 1966
Sex, realism and Yorkshire pudding: Some reflections on the critical response in England to Room at the Top - Literary/Film Quarterly January 2002
But what we have got to look forward to after this World Cup? Yorkshire pudding football with McLaren. - Big Soccer Fans’ Forum May 2006
Folk were treated to an English style roast beef and Yorkshire pudding feast, followed by a chocolate brownie birthday cake. – Roland Whitehead’s Weblog May 2009
The Beeb has him truncated but his full title was something like "King Eddie Vee - The Yorkshire Pudding Elvis ... yadayadyada." It made me giggle. – “The Daily Chump” June 2008
We sat outside in the sun over tea and coffee and then Liz made us a beautiful Yorkshire Pudding for dinner- it was delicious. Watched a bit of TV then went to bed. – “Life is a Journey Not a Destination” May 1998
Yes, that’s right, it is a Yorkshire pudding that looks a bit like Boyle. Would you want that on your dinner plate? - “Daily Mirror” on singing sensation Susan Boyle April 2009
Oh my goodness. Sitting here in dreary NY where the population wouldn't know a beautifulYorkshire pudding if it hit them in the head! Haven't had this dish since I spent a summer in England as a teen, more years ago than I like to admit, ha! My Mom is British but elderly and certainly not up to making same. Wonder if someone has a good recipe for same???What a memory you have restored! Now where's my Yorkshire pudding????? LOL - Debbie – Yahoo “Historical Novel Society” 2003
I was a quite concerned because the entire surface of the batter was olive green! (How a combination of eggs, milk, flour and salt can turn green alludes me.) When I stirred up the batter it was a light olive green. But, the Yorkshire puddings came out as white as a lily, puffed beautifully, and tasted great. (thankfully!) – “Chowhound” December 2004

Continuing reflections on my blogging name, let's think of it as a verb. To Yorkshire pudding someone could have different meanings. It might mean delivering a right hook to an annoying fellow's chin, sneaking into a parking place or amorously snogging a gasping lady under the wisteria. As an adjective - "The model wore a glamorous tailored dress in Yorkshire pudding gold" or "The family lived a Yorkshire pudding life in keeping with northern traditions". As an adverb - "Yorkshire puddingly, he rose to answer the door" or "She drove Yorkshire puddingly, obeying each law in the Highway Code".


  1. WhyPeeingly = cheeky, with a regular hint of outrageous, but articulately.

  2. If you ask me, that Yorkshire Pudding looks a whole lot more like Fred Flintstone than it does Susan Boyle.

    I have no idea what "amorously snogging a gasping lady" means or what exactly about it makes her gasp, but it sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon.

    I have been Yorkshire Pudding'd on several occasions, and I'm still smiling through my tears. I'm a trouper. The show must go on.

  3. The Yorkshire Pudding that slightly resembles Susan certainly looks like it has been Yorkshire puddinged as in the first meaning of the verb.

    Very informative and enjoyable post.
    I arrived here from Rhymeswithplague's blog, who mentioned us all and am glad I took the time to visit.


  4. you missed a piece YP:

    yorkshire pudding told a disappointed Joanna Lumley on the steps outside the awards ceromony 'I'm sorry love, it's not me you want to take back to the hotel and play Purdy and Steed with into the early hours, I'm just holding this Pulitzer prize for Arthur Clewley while the yorkshire women's cricket team all get him to autograph their sign their silly mid off at the back of the team bus

    (New York Times)


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