18 August 2009


The toll of British dead in Afghanistan has risen to 204. See the latest victims above - James, Simon and Louis - gone forever but for what? Why did they have to die? Politicians never fight wars. They just make them. Regarding Afghanistan, justification has been built on shifting ground. One reason gives way to another. Essentially, in the first place, we hung on to the shirt tails of the American revenge mission - to seek out Osama bin Laden and rid the world of the irritatingly elusive "enemy" that engineered the horror of 9/11. Now we have got Gordon Brown telling us that terrorist threats to Britain's welfare chiefly originate in this Taliban/Al Queida cradle and that's why we're there. I'm no military historian but common sense tells me that Britain's activity in Afghanistan will probably attract more vengeance from the forces of evil and not less. I admire Wootton Bassett's dignified and repeated recognition of our soldiers' untimely deaths but there have been enough hearses, enough lowering of flags, enough bugle calls. Enough is enough...Once again, shouldn't we all be demanding - Bring our brothers home!


  1. Deirdre10:07 am

    yes yes yes

  2. With you all the way.

  3. I agree totally, YP. I wrote a similar post on my blog yesterday.

  4. The minibus is on its way - first we pick up Malc in Orkney - excuse the slight whiff of pork products - then down to Daphne in Leeds, across to Wrexham to pick up Jenny then we pick up Valerie and Deirdre before we bomb down to London to make our legitimate and heartfelt protest outside The Houses of Parliament..."ALL WE ARE SAYING IS GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!"


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