12 August 2009


Please excuse my self-indulgence. Regarding Sussex holiday photos, here are "the best of the rest". At least it's not like days gone by when friends or relatives would treat you to a private viewing of their holiday snaps with a running commentary...."And this is Paul eating an ice cream on the harbour wall... This is your Auntie Mary paddling in the sea... This is a closer view of Auntie Mary paddling...and oh...I forgot to take the lens cap off this one..." zzzzzzzzzzz! It was the best known cure for insomnia.
Deckchairs on Brighton Beach.
View of the Ypres Castle Inn, Rye.

Pigeon in the church wall, Rye.

Low tide at Winchelsea

Reminders of suicides at Beachy Head
Please note that all the above photographs are the exclusive property of Yorkshire Pudding Enterprises Ltd (2009) and are not to be reproduced for commercial use without first providing the company with a big fat cheque*. Any third parties failing to comply with this ruling will be kept in a damp cellar and force fed with American "pop overs" which are a laughable imitation of the true Yorkshire pudding. Have a nice day!
*Size of cheque will be negotiable.


  1. Aha! A future as a postcard photographer. You'd be perfect for those old fashioned kiss me quick ones...whatever happened to them?

  2. I love all the photos, especially the deckchairs and the groyne (that's the row of poles for anyone who's not a seasidoholic like I am).

  3. I think you've never had a proper popover. There is a cafe in New York that makes them the size of your head. (Not my head, as that would be too big.)

  4. I liked all the photographs. They're so different to most others. Well done. I'd love to steal them but can't afford the big fat cheque!

  5. You've been to Rye! I am all envy. I would love to go to Rye and have a Mapp and Lucia moment, but my sons are already in revolt about family holidays and I suspect Rye would be pushing it.

    I shall save Rye for a retirement treat.


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