24 September 2009


Sometimes you have to strike while the iron is hot. After writing that last post, I checked out the two airline sites I had been visiting in relation to my Easter Island trip - Iberia and LAN. To my horror, the good prices I had spotted a few days earlier were now disappearing fast. However, there was one good value window of opportunity left before Christmas so I went for it - click upon click. I'll be flying off to Chile on October 22nd, two days in Santiago and then flying out to Easter Island on October 25th.

After consulting Trip Advisor, I had hoped to stay at the ten room Hotel Orongo but it was fully booked. Consequently, I was relieved to get a room at the tiny Hotel Tiare Pacific in the village of Hanga Roa which is the only settlement on Easter Island, just next to the island's miniature airport.
The idea of flying home from Buenos Aires was squashed when I saw how much two single flights would be - return flights to/from the same destination are so much cheaper. However, I am hoping to travel through the Andes by bus to visit Mendoza in Argentina for a couple of days. I have to remind myself that this adventure will not just be about Easter Island...


  1. Good decision! Enjoy our trip, YP. You deserve it. :)

  2. Well done. Have a great time.

  3. Deirdre6:15 am

    drinking tea not wine at the moment so won't post anything embarrassing(sp?).....well done on jumping in and booking! really looking forward to the posts/pics and hope you have a fantastic adventure...how long are you away for?

  4. "The longest journey begins with but a single step." (Confucius)

  5. Excellent. I hope you'll post your own photo of that very statue.

  6. Hurrah! I'm so glad you're doing this.

  7. Sounds good. Hope you have a great time.

  8. emerging from lurking to point you int he direction of the latest That Mitchell and Web sound (in case you haven't already heard it) which has a Easter Island sketch right at the start:


  9. JENNY A small voice in my head keeps saying - "Don't be so selfish!" Perhaps I should be using the money to pay for a well to be dug in India.
    BOOTH (PHONE) I guess that in a small, way it's a bit like you going to Bangkok. There's a point at which the idea turns into a real commitment.
    RHYMES I don't think of this as a holiday... more an adventure journey.
    DAPHNE There are hundreds of moai. I can't guarantee I'll snap that particular one but I'll watch out for him - he seems to be on a hill in the interior.
    SAINT FARIDA A tiny bit of you will be there with me.
    VALERIE If you sponsor me I will see what I can do about setting up the Easter Island branch of the Women's Institute!
    DAN Thanks for that link. I hadn't heard it. Funny and interesting that even Mitchell and Webb see something ineffably curious about those mysterious moai...


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