22 June 2010


This is Richard Hollington aged 23. He was the three hundredth British soldier to die because of ongoing warfare in Afghanistan. They call it - perhaps bizarrely - "Operation Enduring Freedom". He died in hospital in Birmingham as a direct result of injuries he sustained whilst on duty in Helmand on June 12th. A family spokesman said that Richard had "lived like a lion".

The death count for U.S. military personnel is now 1128.

What is it all for and when will it end? Is this the way to crush the Islamic terrorist threat or is it the way to increase that threat? I've said it before and I'm saying it again - Bring Our Brothers Home!


  1. Please, please, bring 'em home.....alive....and NOW!

  2. Our politicians have obviously never learnt from history, or they would have realised that invading Afghanistan is never successful - it's been tried often enough.

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  4. I'm with you there! We have lost only a few of our boys but it's a few too many. I say leave them too sort it out themselves. We are not making friends by going into these countries - just enemies it is harder to recognise till it's too late.


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