17 June 2010


Some bloggers fade away and never return. You know how it is - you're regularly logging in to a favourite well-maintained blog and then suddenly - nothing! Every week or so you might check back to see if there has been any activity but there's zilch - just the same last post like a plaintive bugle call on a parade ground.

However, some bloggers come back into the fold of the blogosphere - even after months or years. They will have tried other pastimes like jogging, stamp collecting, flower arranging, Greco-Roman wrestling, pole dancing or ferret breeding but finally realise that there's nothing to beat a good old blog so they come back like prodigal sons and daughters.

So I get to the point of this post. A shameless advertisement for one of these returned "lost sheep" bloggers who is currently blogging out of his cell in Strangeways Prison, Manchester. He was incarcerated for tax evasion, supporting Manchester United and for once staring at a suggestive internet image of a young lady in a bikini during working hours. The blog has returned in fancy new "Wordpress" clothing and it's a blog I always used to like tuning into even though it is produced by one of the sworn enemies of the People's Republic of Greater Yorkshire - a Mancunian or Mank for short.

If you're kind to birds and small animals, like dipping your hand in your pocket for the needy and are interested in how the other half live, may I suggest that you visit Shooting Parrots. Click on the picture below to venture into his weird and wonderful blogzone...
This blogpost was sponsored by Shooting Parrots Inc.


  1. My favorite pastime is flower arranging while Greco-Roman wrestling.

  2. Ah yes, I've rediscovered that one too! Very posh.

  3. Elizabeth6:03 am

    I can see the attraction; I bet a blog as swish as Mr. Parrot's has a spell-check AND theosaurus built in!! x

  4. RHYMIE I thought only women could multi-task!
    JENNY Yes too posh really. I'm hanging on to the retro blog design. This fashion will come back, I'm sure.
    ELIZABETH Oh yes - the theosaurus - what a plunderer that prehistoric creature was!

  5. You are too kind Mr Pudding (the cheque is in the post).

    Of course, I have time to think and blog, taking inspiration from the bleak Manchester skyline glimpsed through the bars of my prison cell.

    Most of the poshness of my new look is down to Artisteer, a theme creation program that also works for Blogger.

    Word of warning though, it does cost money, you being a Yorkie and all that...

  6. Elizabeth12:39 am

    Peeple wot spel lik i dus must b an ayging inglish teechers dreem. x

  7. Ayging inglish teechers probably dreem about Mary Shelley and George Gordon, Lord Byron, in flagrante delicto and being discovered and horsewhipped by old Percy Bysshe himself,with John Keats standing by reciting Ode on a Grecian Urn to Chaucer's Wife of Bath, with said ayging inglish teechers playing all five starring roles, in the nude, of course, when they aren't reliving trips to see the moai on Rapa Nui.

  8. SHOUTING PARROTS Pay money to beautify a blog! The idea is ridiculous. What's on the menu tonight? A bread crust and a wedge of cheese? Enjoy!
    ELIZABETH I could give you private lessons to help you with your spelling. May I suggest we meet up at the Floral Hall, Hornsea?
    RHYMIE I've got to give it you sir - that's both clever and funny! Revenge will be sweet but I haven't yet decided on my plan of attack. However, don't be surprised to find your overflowing bank account drained after I have hacked into it!

  9. They have an automatic translator that is used to post words for the deaf who are watching TV here. From the waiting room in the Toyota dealer's this a.m. I observed it type: "the soffmor girls socker team has as many injuries as the boice team." I HOPE it was automatic, and not a real person, but I think it's disgraceful to assume deaf people are illiterate, or aren't offended by stoooopid spelling.

  10. JAN BLAWAT Excuse me? What's that you say? You'll have to speak up my dear!

  11. Floribunda8:26 am

    If Elizabeth can't make it, tell me the trysting time and I'll be more than willing to have private tuition with you!

  12. FLORIBUNDA At one time I believe Coca Cola used the advertising slogan - "Accept no substitutes". So it is with Princess Elizabeth. Sorry Florrie but you'll have to find your own tutor to tryst with. Try the website www.trystingtutorsareus.com

  13. Floribunda10:07 am

    She must be a very special lady.

  14. FLORIBUNDA Special? Certainly. She has special needs.

  15. I forgot to ask where you found the photo of the tooled-up parrot? He could be perfect for one of my themes.

  16. Elizabeth11:54 am

    Oh no, didn't have my specs on; I've just realised it's one of those weapons that you are so opposed to, YP.

    Who told you about my special requirements, anyway? x

  17. SHOOTING BUDGIES Just went into Google Images and tried different variants on Shooting Parrot Gun etc.. Just copy it. I'll only charge you eleven guineas.
    ELIZABETH You are right. I am opposed to guns but posting that parrot picture in no way compromised my principles. Regarding your special requirements, I believed a roadie from a band based in Hutton-le-Hole told me everything I needed to know.

  18. The Attrocious Speller10:07 pm

    So its okay for parrots to carry guns?

    Thank you for your offer of personal tuition. I'm flattered and honoured that such an ambassador of the English language should be willing to teach an impoverished remedial such as myself. Its comforting to know that in the midst of your acclaim and fame you still hold on to your socialist principles of helping those who cannot help themselves.

    My Yorkshire pride would not normally have allowed me to accept such an offer, but seeing as my good friend, Clint, has mentioned this to you, I can do nothing but humbly and gratefully accept, vowing to be a diligent pupil for you, o most noble Lord.

    Sir, I have little to offer in the way of recompense, but do not wish to be beholden to you. I ply my needle well and have a wide range of womanly skills; perhaps we might contract to some private agreement whereby I might affect the use of such talents in exchange for your inordinate kindness.

    You will find me an eager and willing student and I am unlikely to give you cause for complaint. When are we to start, sir? x

  19. ATROCIOUS SPELLER Errr put it like that and you leave me lost for words! It is important to maintain a certain professional distance with one's pupils. By the way, the parrot's gun was not a real one - just a toy from Christmas cracker.

  20. Elizabeth8:04 pm

    I perceive that the thought of me sewing the odd button on has scared you somewhat! In the grammatically correct East of the county you may not have had this expression..."That'll larrn ye."


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