8 October 2010


Woke under a blanket of mist. Downstairs, through our kitchen window, I noticed a bejewelled cobweb connecting ivy with cotoneaster. The clever arachnid had embroidered a tiny oblong for every year of my life. Heinz varieties. Upstairs, on our crumpled bed, the guidebooks that Shirley bought for me and a map... of Sri Lanka. Seems that I am destined to travel there where once my father panned for semi-precious stones in a mountain stream and rode from the jungle on an elephant that wasn't grey. More research required and a ticket for an aeroplane.


  1. Your lovely paragraph lacks coherency, but it reminds me of something Samuel Taylor Coleridge might have written. Were you fully awake when you wrote it? Or possibly under the influence of a mind-altering drug?

    Nevertheless, I like it. It's almost like poetry. Wait. It is poetry.

    Renfield in Bram Stoker's Dracula was a bit of an arachnophiliac also....

  2. Hello, YP. I hope the rest of your day is/was as lovely as your photo and commentary. Sri Lanka? You're really going there? Wonderful!

  3. ROIMES WID PLAYG - Definitely under the influence of mind altering Druggggggggggs! Nurse! Nurse! I need another fix!
    PAT CLINTON The Sri Lanka trip isn't planned but it's brewing. I'll meet you there.

  4. I posted a couple of spider photos on Flikr on Friday. Are we in danger of getting in sync?

  5. SHOOT PEE Perhaps you could be my partner in "Strictly Come Dancing"? But you'd have to wear the frock!


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