4 November 2010


Yorkshire Pudding Enterprises plc are proud to announce the launch of three exclusive new products that the discerning buyer will not dare to miss. Fashioned beside the exotic shores of the Far East, we think our figure-hugging ladies' vest T-shirt will be a hit at a wide range of social events. Incredibly, it comes in various sizes from extra small to extra large. Only £22.50 per shirt.
Our unique designer cap is an absolute must for guys who consider themselves to be in tune with world fashion trends. One size fits all because of the ingenious plastic extension system woven discreetly in at the rear of the hat. Ex-England and Yorkshire cricket captain, Michael Vaughan, said "I love wearing the Yorkshire Pudding cap because I am proud of my roots and always want to look cool!" Robert Brague, election official of Canton, Georgia said, "Life hasn't been the same since I acquired this cap." Only £19.99 per cap
The third new product sees YPE collaborating with Walkers Crisps of cosmopolitan Leicester to produce a genuine taste sensation in the shape of Walkers English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding potato crisps - known as "chips" to our American cousins. This is probably the most satisfying snack product ever made in the UK - reminding snackers of Sunday dinners that Grandma used to make. Only £4.50 for a multipack.
To order any of the above products, send credit card details including expiry date and security number to me - The Earl of Puddingshire at YPE plc, Pudding Towers, Pudding Strata, Sheffield. Remember to include £8.50 postage and packing for each item ordered.
Don't Be A loser!


  1. Try Ebay, YP. You'll be inundated with orders... or maybe not.
    How abnout expanding your range to include something witty and incisive for your Welsh readers?

  2. JENNY Great idea. How about this emblazoned across the bosom - "In America a woman is put on a pedestal but in Wales they've put her on their national flag!"

  3. In spite of the neat inclusion of me in your post, I'm afraid I will have to pass on these offers. It's not that I don't like them. I do! Very much! It's just that I (and the missus, and each of the children, and each spouse, and each and every grandchild, and every last one of our neighbors' families too) now owe $35,000 (dollars, not pounds) EACH toward paying off our new THIRTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR NATIONAL DEBT.

    Thank you, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. I'm looking forward to the day when I can bid good riddance to them all (the people in this paragraph, not the people in the preceding paragraph).

  4. pud
    there is a bix of sexism in your advertising

    where is the buff guy in the t shirt?????

  5. RHYMES Why not emigrate to the UK? You can bring all your family. I still have twelve camp beds in the underhouse area but no gambling or fornication allowed!
    JOHN GRAY The buff guy in the T-shirt? That would be far too egotistical of me - to pose for my own ads! Besides what's wrong with a healthy bit of sexism? It never did my parents' generation any harm!

  6. Well, that's not very nice, YP!

  7. I like the abbreviation "pud", Pud. I rather enjoyed modelling for the T-shirt and think I look pretty good in it. I'm up for more such modelling assignments and am keeping your credit card details just in case.

  8. JENNY You're right.
    DAPHNE You're one of the best models I have ever hired. I must admit that the T-shirt fitted you perfectly. If you keep my credit card details I may have to publish some of the "other" pictures we took that day!

  9. When does the Yorkshire Pudding line of Yorkshire Pudding come out?


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