17 March 2011


Woman in the marketplace at Nontaburi, selling drinking coconuts and bananas:-
Vimanmek Teak Palace built by King Rama V around 1900. Not a single nail was used in its construction:-
Chao Phraya River Scene:-
Flowers by a canal:-


  1. All lovely photos, but that palace is just amazing.

  2. Looks like you are really getting around and seeing all the sights. You seem to be finding your way around relatively easily, living like a local and using the transport available.
    Keep the photos coming.

  3. Why didn't they use any nails? Is it complete a stone building or something?

  4. JAN/JENNY It is made entirely of golden teak ( a hard rainforest wood)and is the biggest teak building in the world. Joints and wooden pegs were used throughout... partly as an exercise in craftsmanship and partly because it is customary for Thais to enter houses on bare feet.
    HELSIE Taxis in Bangkok are very plentiful and very cheap. They are all metered and even a long journey will only cost about two English pounds. The main problem is finding a taxi driver who can a)read, b)listen and c)bas sufficient street knowledge.

  5. I'm jealous of your photo opportunities! Especially the flowers.

  6. I think pegs must count as a kind of nail. At first I thought you meant they used super glue or made interlocking jigsaw-puzzle-shaped walls or something....

  7. why is it that overseas markets always look so much more beautiful than something in Barnsley?

  8. SHOOTING STICKS Flowers? Hippy!
    RHYMES Oh yes a wooden peg is a kind of nail...and a dog is a kind of horse... and an apple is a kind of vegetable... Welcome to Bob's World!
    MR GRAY Beware what you say about Barnsley! They have a beautiful offal stall there... and the clinker is to die for!

  9. You don't have to be rude....

  10. An apple may not be a kind of vegetable but a tomato is definitely a kind of fruit....


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