20 January 2012


We're now in Gisborne - the far east of the North Island. We're in a veritable mansion called Cedar House and seem to be the only guests here. The owner is a happy clappy lady called Catherine whose philosophy allows us to roam freely around her beautiful old property with its large dimensions and expertly crafted woodwork. Our bathroom with its hardwood floor is gigantic - the premier feature being a large, modern spa bath which Shirley lounged in as I swam in the outdoor pool this evening.

Today we drove up the coast to Tolaga Bay, hiking over to Cook's Cove where on October 28th and 29th, 1769 the "Endeavour" was anchored. Captain Cook's men took on board wood and fresh water while botanist Joseph Banks collected yet more unique plant specimens.
Cook's Cove north of Gisborne
Bus shelter on the road to Tolaga Bay

Shirley's spa bath
Captain Cook 's statue in Gisborne


  1. The cove looks very inviting! I see the weather continues to smile on you both. (Forecast is good for another 2 weeks, too.) Capital!

  2. And thus the phrase 'cook's tour' entered the language.

  3. Ooooh that cove is LOVELY!


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