4 January 2012


It wasn't the bluest or sunniest of days on Rangitoto. We walked up a scoria track to the very summit of the island where we stood on the rim of the crater that spewed out this harsh black lava island only six hundred years ago. There were a few old bachs (NZ holiday homes) down near the shore and there were excellent views back to Auckland. It was as Wallace might have said, "a grand day out".


  1. Well, that first photo gave me pause. If Blogland is going to be similar to that, I may need to rethink my involvement.

    The other photos were superb, however.

    Not that the first one wasn't, but the subject matter concerned me.

  2. can u email me yp
    need some advice

  3. Ah, so that's what Rangitoto is like. The bright Pohutukawa flower made a happy accent and that bach is typical of many in NZ. And so is the weather at the moment! Hope you're getting more blue and sun wherever you are now!


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