2 August 2012


Song of the Middle Ages 

Let us grow old together
Let us rock synchronically
On this verandah
Looking westwards
To the setting of the sun
Where memories of the lives we've lived
Troop by like soldiers
On a passing out parade.

I recall, I recall
The sweetness of your lips
In our salad days.
We seemed so green then -
Our eyes so bright
And our hopes so plentiful
And all of our tomorrows
Were but banquets to devour.

Let us absorb what happened
Let us count our blessings
In this wilderness
Looking eastwards
To the rising of the sun
Where futures we shan't see
Sing like lamentations
On a long-forgotten scratched  L.P..


  1. Soft-sad, bitter-sweet, and gentle. Thank you.

  2. A love song indeed.

  3. KATHERINE & LIBBY Thank you. Glad you appreciated it.
    EARL GRAY I'm not sure how to take your remark but I am pleased you stopped by to read that poem. Please don't think that it is necessarily autobiographical. It's an idea, a feeling about being middle-aged, a weighing of time and realising what's gone and what's to come and how there are futures in which we won't be participants.


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