30 August 2019


Regarding the wedding beermats, I did something stupid as I was deleting addresses from the blog comments and transferring them to a separate "Word" list. I managed to lose some of the addresses! First the wedding accommodation key and now a few addresses!  What is going on?

These are the people I WILL be mailing beermats to today:-

Vivian Swift
Jennifer Barlow
Mary Moon
Christina in Blackburn
Bonnie Darby
Kylie Tai
Kathy Prickett
Mary Hennessey
Thelma in Normanby
John Gray
Now sent:-
Steve Reed in London
Linda in Ventura CA

These are the people I  WILL NOT be sending beermats to today:-
Jan F in Bellingham WA
Sue in Lincolnshire
Could the two people listed above please send me their addresses again - in the comments below? And if there is anybody else I have somehow missed out could you also put your request and address in the comments? Thank you and sorry about my muddle!

Meantime, here are some fruit pictures I snapped at the bottom of our garden just yesterday:-
I sprayed these apples... with water
Brambles...not blackberries.
A pair of Victoria plums...one riper than the other. I believe
that this hairless variety is called Tasker Dunham


  1. Am I too late to the party?

    1. No. I will send you one John. I think I still have your address.

  2. I like your brambles. They look just like our blackberries.

  3. Your brambles remind me of our dewberries which are less formed than blackberries. They have smaller vines and ripen earlier than the blackberries.

    1. And your plums remind me of...plums.

  4. Your plums are very attractive. So are your apples!
    I picked 9lb of blackberries yesterday. My arms are in shreds.......
    Looking forward to resting my G & T on the forthcoming "beer" mat.
    Thank you.

    1. No G&T's allowed on beermats Christina! The clue is in the name!

  5. Living in a very dry climate, I am jealous of all the greenery. The plum pic is lovely.

    101 S Dunning St
    Ventura California USA 93003

    ps I don't drink beer. Do I still get one?

    1. You North American colonists call them coasters Linda! Please use for your usual tipples (i.e. litre bottles of vodka and strong cider)

  6. Oh dear, forgetting things, then misnaming other things. Ask Shirley to administer this screening test: i) read this address then say it out loud without looking - 555 Pitsmoor Road. ii) what is the present year? iii) spell tablecloth backwards. iv) what is the name of the Prime Minister v) what was the address you were asked about in the previous question.

    1. You got me Dr Dunham! I am already on the downward slope to Alzheimer's. Who am I? What am I? Where am I?

  7. Why is it that fruit is so much more photogenic when covered with droplets of water??

    1. I am afraid I don't know the answer Jenny. But it is true.

  8. Hello Yorkshire Pudding
    i am also sorry i forgot to give the postal code
    The Post Office will probably return the envelope to you
    I wrote from my other blog : Catherine and John

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks so much, Yorkshire Pudding but I don't think I want you to have the expense of mailing the coaster all the way here! It's a kind thought and I appreciate the offer.
      Maybe you can make piles of the extra ones and give them to the young couple on various special Anniversaries! We still have souvenir matches which were printed up for our Wedding in 1971!

    2. Hey. I wouldn't have minded the expense JanF. I just wanted to spread the wedding love around.

    3. You are so kind!
      No need to send, I already feel the wedding love!
      Our matchbox covers say " A striking match". SO corny but thank goodness - the truth!


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