29 January 2006


Just looked at my visitor counter and I'm amazed to see that I'm just short of five thousand hits. That's brilliant! One of the things I love about blogging is bypassing publishers to get your own words out into the world for other people to read and this is one of the things I love about the internet as a whole - it's so anarchic - so free. You can go anywhere, find out anything.

I'd like to say thanks to everybody who has visited my site - especially regulars like Amy (Friday's Web), Dawn (Retarded Rugrat), Blog By George and Brad The Gorilla. These relationships are kind of weird - not like meeting someone in a pub or in the course of ordinary life - but in a way more intimate and open. And I'd also like to say thanks to the eggheads at Google for hosting Blogger and making the practical business of blogging so easy compared with how it might have been five years ago when you had to be some kind of geek to create a website.
Five thousand and I don't know when I will ever tire of this medium. There's always something new around the corner but at the core of life there remains an urge to connect with other human beings, to make better sense of this world that we are living in. So I'll shout it from the rooftops - Blog on!


  1. Aww, thanks, Honey :) for the mention. But it's you, ultimately, who's attracted all the hits. It's your personality and your honest words of wisdom that keep people coming back. I noticed that you are beyond the 5000 mark, now, so I challenge you towards the 10,000 hit! Geez, I shoulda put one of those counters on mine a long time ago, but...well, it's not that important. For, unlike some of the true talents out here, I'm just a little voice in a big sea. I just choose to open my mouth a lot louder, sometimes, whereas you know exactly how to make a point and drive it home.

  2. Mr Pudding, I suppose it's time to come clean now and admit that we did meet in a Stirling pub some time ago. You were tipsy! We played a round of trivia, then ordered another round of drinks. You reached for the salt shaker (why do you put salt on your beer, by the way? I've never understood that practice) and slipped. As you slid under the table, I hooted, "Aha! I, Brad the Gorilla, have drunk you, Yorkshire Pudding, under the table!" Everyone applauded. Then you got out from under the table and decked me. The fur was flying, chairs were breaking everywhere, and then... everything faded to black.

    You don't remember, do you? I had pledged to keep it a secret, but now I can be silent no longer:

    We met in a pub.

    P.S. I posted one of my summer internship pictures on my blog.

  3. FRIDAY - Oh I'm blushing now. Thanks. Yes - just sometimes - I do think I hit the nail on the head - but at other times I hit my thumb!
    BRAD - I remember the Stirling pub but a Yank could never drink me under the table - you must have dreamt that bit. And everyone did not applaud - that was later when the kilted landlord hurled you round his head and out through the pub doors. "Thank God that loudmouthed Yank's gone!" the gorgeous blonde whispered in my ear - "My place or yours honey!"
    PS Thanks for the Antarctic pic.

  4. Ooooooohhhh. I hear a challenge in the making. No Yank can outdrink you, eh? Well, I guess it depends on what you drink. Tequila shots are my specialty, ya know. I've only been conquered once - and that was just recently as I'm out of practice...and we ran out after the second fifth. I'm a lightweight with beer, though, so...what's your poison, Pal?

  5. This is like being at the academy awards.. and you deserve it, Man!

  6. FRIDAY _ My "poison" as you so colourfully put it is best bitter by Joshua Tetley of Tadcaster, Yorkshire. I have drunk gallons of this stuff. Depending on the circumstances, I'm also partial to nice white wine. I have lots of whiskey/whisky at home but I rarely have any as it tends to disturb my sleep for some weird reason.

  7. So, you like white wine, and you don't mind fairly abusive liqours, so you could do tequila and ginger ale. It's REALLY good together; not too sweet; not too sour; not too harsh; is a very inexpensive alternative to other things at the bar.

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  9. Anonymous6:07 am

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