15 January 2006


Thanks to Brad the Gorilla for directing me to the fruity personality quiz. I was happy to discover that I am a pineapple - much more like me than Bambi for Chrissakes! A pineapple is well-protected on the outside but sweet and juicy on the inside, kind of exotic with a good top knot.

You are a Pineapple...the traditional symbol of
friendship, you embrace everyone as a
friend...you are loyal, kind and always there
for a friend in need...

What Kind of Fruit Are You?
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  1. Kind of prickly too :)

  2. Yes prickly too - I'm glad you've noticed "by george". "By George she's got it!" - My Fair Lady.

  3. Mr. Pudding,
    A pineapple, you say? I would have never picked you for a pineapple, though you do have something going there with the topknot. You're more of a lemon: too sour straight off the tree, but great in a custard.

  4. Mr Pudding ! How come I've only just uncovered you...

    Greetings from a fellow free citizen of the Peoples Republic of Yorkshire !

    I agree on the bulldog front...someone was having a laugh when they called that scrawny terrier "Yorkshire".

  5. Awwh, we have so much in common. It turns out I too am a pineapple. I love finding out things about myself I never previously knew!

    Hull City ehh? I used to go and watch them when I was at university, whilst the rest of the city was watching Rugby League.

  6. Thank you for coming by my place. I hope to see you over there more often.

  7. im a lemon. apprently im tarty. chance would be a fine thing!

  8. Mr. Pudding! It's been days since we've had a post from you. Hem, hem, hem (polite gentlemanly cough), kerchooooooooo (rude gorilla sneeze).


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