6 January 2006


- The Rodeo Drive Terrier (formerly Yorkshire Terrier)
The word "terrier" should evoke notions of determination and terror. If you had never seen one before, you might expect a Yorkshire terrier to be a large, fearsome, noble and finely tuned king of beasts as would befit the great county of Yorkshire. Instead, I am ashamed to admit that the dog which bears our name is a very pathetic specimen indeed. These yapping little creatures with their stubby little legs and effeminate fringes, these malodorous and pampered nuisances are as obnoxious as French poodles and do not deserve to be associated with England's finest county - Yorkshire. Consequently, I am unilaterally renaming this horrid little breed the Rodeo Drive Terrier and from now on the British Bulldog will become the new Yorkshire Terrier. The bulldog has all the characteristics of a typical Yorkshireman - intelligence, muscularity, handsomeness, ferocity, a free spirit, loyalty and enormous physical appetites - both reproductive and nutritional. Farewell to the old Yorkie and arise the new hound of the moors and wolds!
The New Yorkshire Terrier
"What you looking at bonehead?"


  1. Amen to that!

    My friend used to have a Yorkshire Terrier and spoiled it rotten ... till her partner got her a Rottweiler puppy.

    2 Days after he bought her that, she left him and the Yorkshire Terrier behind, taking the Rottweiler puppy with her.

    Seriously, I hate Yorkshire Terriers. I recall seeing our Postman running hellbent down someone's Garden Path one day, as a Yorkshire Terrier came after him, snapping at his heels. Although I hate those dogs, I laughed till I cried. It was HILARIOUS!

  2. I'm in agreement. I abhor most small breed dogs. I'll admit to thinking many of them are "cute" as puppies (some even once grown), but the constant high pitched yaps and those abnormally short legs just creep me out. My least favorite dog has to be the poodle (the small ones - although, the large ones have got to be the ugliest critter right next to the sloth). I call poodles "target practice".

    We have a lab/malamute mix and a shepherd/no-idea mix. Both weighing in at about 60 lbs +/-. The shepherd mix is still growing. She just may make the 80 lb. mark. They just love to pin people in their cars and scare off even the burliest of strangers. THAT is what a dog is supposed to do. Guard their humans and love us without hesitation. Ever notice that most small dogs are as finicky as cats?

  3. My favorite kind of dog is a cat.

  4. I just wanted to leave a link of a bull dog that I painted.

    I personally loved my lhaso apso/pekinese mix. I called him a peekaso


  5. pssst
    Where are you?

  6. Or you could call it a New York-shire terrier, as these dreadful little dogs are ubiquitous here on the Upper East Side of Manhatttan, usually dressed in wee Chanel raincoats. Oy veh.

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  8. Hey there ##NAME##! Considering ##TITLE##, good on ya mate! I might not agree with everything, but you certainly caught my eye. I was searching Google for Yorkshire Terrier Rescue and Google (in it's infinite wisdom and ubiquitous web presence) landed me on your blog. Couldn't be all bad 'cause I liked what you had to say enough to stop and make a comment! Not my usual practice to be sure. Anyway, well done. I'm always telling my kids how important differenct perspectives and paradigms are so I thought I would make a comment and mention that your's was refreshing and made me think! Thanks again....

  9. Nice job ##NAME##. I'm usually lurking rather than commenting, but I liked what your comments on ##TITLE## so I thought I would stop in and say so. I was really looking for stuff related to Teacup Yorkshire Terriers but my search on Google landed me on your blog. Close enough for me! I like your perspective. Certainly food for thought! Can't say you've completely won me over, but at least you've managed to pry my mind open a fraction more! Thanks again...

  10. Hey ##NAME##! Just thought I would write a brief note pertaining to ##TITLE##. I usually lurk, but your post caught my eye while I was looking for info on Yorkshire Terrier. My focus is generally Yorkshire Terrier, and while this is not a perfect match, I liked what you said. Like I said, I usually lurk rather than comment but I couldn't help sympathize. Thanks again!


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