3 January 2007


On Xmas Eve I was led into a garage by John the paramedic to survey his 1.1 litre BMW superbike. I guess I was meant to talk technical and swoon over this shiny beast but all I could think was "Why the hell would anyone want to waste money on a piece of machinery like this when they could be driving around safe and warm in a similarly priced car?" I never was too enamoured with/by technology.
And so we come to Blogger. I have just watched an interview with Eric Case of The Google Empire to try and find out a bit more about Blogger Beta or as Eric says "Baita". The interview left me none the wiser. From Blogger itself here's an invitation to watch the aforementioned video:-
"Our very own Eric Case recently chatted with Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson (videobloggers extraordinaire) about the new version of Blogger currently in beta. Relevant bits for developers include:
the new Blogger has a fast, reliable, scalable
it serves content dynamically
it uses Google Accounts, and therefore its API uses ClientLogin and AuthSub."


Eric Case - The Blogger Beta Man

What the hell is a "scalable backend"? I thought this was something belonging to Pamela Anderson! I am afraid that the video clip with Eric left me none the wiser about "Beta" so could any of you bloggers out there who have already switched to "Beta" tell me why and explain an advantage or two. Also as I am always keen on inserting pictures can you tell me if BloggerBeta allows or facilitates this. Somebody who is technically adept may be known as a nerd or a geek but I am the opposite of that so I would like to invent a new word for this condition - I am a "techule" = somebody who views or grasps technological information with all of the self-assurance of a desert mule.


  1. I upgraded to 'new blogger' which is basically what was beta and it's a pain in the arse as you have to sign in before going to visit a comments box like this and I can't upload youtube videos. You can put those classifying labels on your entries though. Bet stay put until you have to change YP

  2. I resisted Beta for awhile, figuring that I'd wait it out until Blogger got it right and shifted it into "Delta" or "Gamma." However, photos took forever to upload, and I was getting grouchy. When I found out that I could put labels (i.e. "tags") on my posts so that I could link similar posts together, I was seduced. Librarians are often lured by the siren calls of organization and classification (even though our desks are messy). It took me a couple of days, but I labeled all of my 300 plus posts. Now, I know that I am probably the only person who cares about that. I have no delusions in that department. Still, I like having those tags in place. I like things to be easily findable. There's a saying among librarians that if an item is misplaced, it may as well not even exist, because no one can find it (except by accident).

    Uploading photos and publishing posts are much quicker operations now.

  3. Goddammit. I posted signed in and the fekkin thing took me to my dashboard and lost my fekkin post.

    Everyone has to be a multi mass mega business today. The eat up all the little guys, run them in to the ground, fire the guy whot did it and give him a severance of 213 million.

  4. I upgraded early on (Fools rush in etc) and half my posts seem to have been lost. I can't see that it's any better really.


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