22 January 2007


For anyone who doesn't know, Jade Goody was booted out of the Big Brother house last Friday. It was heartening. 82% of viewers who dialled in voted to eject Jade. She left the house to an eerie silence. Over the weekend, the UK press have pilloried and derided her as if she were Saddam Hussen's sister or something. Her perfume brand "Shhh!" has been removed from some shop shelves.
The thing about Jade is that she is clearly intellectually challenged. The other day she was asking big brother about Eskimos. She was wondering why their eyes don't freeze up and if there were any Eskimos living in London, she'd like to see one - rather like you might like to spot some endangered bird - an osprey or a red kite perhaps. She is so thick. Because of that, it is not really surprising that she says dumb things like "Shilpa Poppadom" or makes angry retorts at people who are dissimilar to her. In spite of myself, I do feel a little sorry for Jade. Channel 4 are partly to blame for her fall from grace and the private torment she must now be enduring in her Goody world. Their editing and choices about what to screen have probably deliberately shown Jade in a worse light than might have been.


So many things have emerged from this matter. Politicians, including Alan Johnson the Education Secretary have called for our nation's schools to do more to promote respect. They don't want our young people to turn out like Jade or to put her on a pedestal. Even Tony Blair was talking today about what living in a community was like when he was a boy - there just "wasn't the same kind of anti-social behaviour back then". I think politicians could do more to engender respect themselves by sticking to the jobs we elect them to do and not taking on lucrative directorships in business, not swanning off on fact-finding missions abroad, not staying in Bee Gee mansions on their holidays, not coupling with their secretaries, not making a mint from selling their memoirs, not forgetting their youthful ideals, not telling lies.
I don't like Jade Goody. I don't like her ugly fat inability to think or communicate properly. I don't like the shallowness she represents where even dumb people can get rich and famous without possessing an ounce of talent. I don't like her horrible mother or her useless boyfriend but at the end of the day, she was not the inventor of the idiocy - she just went with the flow of it all. Channel 4 made her and perhaps they have broken her too. It will be interesting to see how she fares in the months ahead. Of course that reported £8 million she has "earned" will help to ease any pain I'm sure.


  1. This is my thinking.. simular to what you said... She is probably a waste of sperm, however, these producers, directors and network execs, choose to show certain people in that light. They take the worst of someone and air that. They could take Mother Theresa and make her a horrible bitch. So I choose not to watch tripe like that.
    One of my guilty pleasures.. is .... no I won't say.
    I don't watch big brother, Real world, none of them .. Survivor.. it's filth. like Jerry Springer.
    It's Wrestling only with out the body slams and sweat.

  2. Anonymous12:38 am

    I've never seen Big Brother, yp, neither yours or our version. I admit to not watching "reality" tv, but I did read in the paper that this Jade-person you speak of is giving her television fees to charity.

    Isn't that a little tired, too? Some sort of celeb or wannabe-celeb has a public gaffe, or worse, and then graciously gives to charity to show penance? Look, I'm all for supporting charitable concerns, but I think the "charity as image-polisher" is pretty pathetic.

  3. Mr Pudding - one question: have you seen and heard her mother?

    She, in my opinion, is worse. And she spawned and "raised" Jade "cry and cry and cry and cry and cry - if I'm contrite enough I may be able to make more millions"" Goody.

    It's the other two who are going to suffer - especially Sheringham's girlie.

    She's lost a six figure modelling contract - and she doesn't know yet!

    Now Goody's got millions - she's just losing a public career. But Sheringham's ex hasn't even started yet, but she's still managed to kill her "career" before it's even started.


  4. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Oh for god's sake!!! popadom! as if thats racist. it wouldnt be racist if it was the other way around and shilpa turned around and said jade banger n' mash!!! Think about it---if that happened it would be overlooked. Its completely one-sided and way OTT.


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