18 January 2007


Which side of the fence are you on? It is the burning question currently sweeping the UK. I am of course referring to the furore surrounding this year’s Channel 4 “Celebrity Big Brother” event in which accusations of bullying and racism have been attached to three of the contestants – the main culprit being Miss Jade Goody who is only famous for being a previous “Big Brother” housemate. Caught in the middle – the alleged victim - is Miss Shilpa Shetty from India – an A list Bollywood star.

As well as being a self-confessed “EastEnders” addict, I am also not averse to looking in on the Big Brother house. I wouldn’t say I was ever addicted to this show but I do find it fascinating to be a fly on the wall, watching other human beings in a laboratory-like situation. It can teach you quite a lot about how people are – adding to your knowledge of social life.


My first impressions of Shilpa were a) She’s absolutely gorgeous eye candy b) She has a very playful and mischievous side to her character c) She has an impressive command of English for somebody who is, I think, a native Urdu speaker. d) She’s a genuinely intelligent person who values knowledge and thinks deeply about life. These first impressions have remained even though Shilpa has been shocked and rather cowed by some of the treatment she has received in the house.

In the red corner there is Jade Goody. I have seen her before and my impressions include the following; a) She is pig ignorant and knows so little about the world we live in. b) She is fat and ugly and could double for Miss Piggy c) Especially when she gets angry or excited, I cannot understand a word she’s saying – everything melds together into estuarine Essex-speak littered with modern buzz words and occasional expletives. She needs subtitles most of the time. d) Deep down she envies people like Shilpa who is so far beyond her that she might as well be in another galaxy.

To me Jade represents a nasty, boorish, shallow seam in British society. It is a seam I have tapped into in everyday life. I sometimes smell it in my own workplace. People like Jade could make one ashamed to be English. Thank heavens that we are not all like that and if there are any Indian visitors to this blog may I please apologise for the way in which Jade Goody has ignorantly upset and bullied the lovely Shilpa.

Tomorrow evening, I hope the country will boot Jade out of the house and save Shilpa. For the very first time, I shall cast a telephone vote to get Miss Piggy out and save the Bollywood Beauty. I wish I had enough faith in my fellow citizens to confidently expect them to do the same.


  1. Anonymous12:43 am

    as a teenage indian living in sydney i have never experienced racism. I can only view UK BB on youtube and thus do not know the full extent of the situation. i am unsure whether the behaviour towards Shilpa is racism or whether its just plain bitchiness from Jade, jo and Danielle. I kow on the australian version of BB last yr there was similar behaviour directed to the prettier girl with lots of bithcy name calling. It is true that Jade and Jo are extraordinarily ugly and are probably insecure around shilpa. It is ironic that Jade requires subtitles to be understood and Shilpa whose 2nd language is english does not require subtitles. Shilpa also hilariously pointed out that Jade's only claim to fame is BB. congratulations Jade well done! who won that year anyway? Jade is truly an uneducated moron along with Danielle and Jo the viewers of UK need to vote them out or face severe repercussions from the rest of the world. i am proud of shilpa for sticking up for herself (not just as an indian) and am saddened that i myself cannot vote to save her.

  2. Well I think you know what I think of That Woman, but whilst I am confident she will be booted out tonight, what I am not confident about is that this will finish her. In fact I have horrible visions of her getting even more media exposure in the future.

    What is that about no such thing as bad publicity?

  3. Anonymous9:54 am

    shilpa may be beautiful and classy and lots of other things that I am too and you'd expect me to vote for her but all those people accusing jade of all kinds of things should imagine if they directed the stupid/fat/ugly.ignorant jibes at her rival how much bother they'd be in and look at themselves and ask how different from jade they are themselves if they can with ease and fluency say all those things about someone else. She may not be attravtive in many ways but she is a facinating mirror on us all

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  5. There's something disturbing about Britain's reluctance to label the behaviour as racist...

    I've just blogged on the issue; let me know what you think:

    Robert :)

  6. Hurrah for fairness! Hurrah for Great Britain! Those who are crowned by the TV shall be assassinated by it! It is heartening that there was an overwhelming vote to get Jade Goody out - 82%! Of course Jade is as stupid as some of the kids I teach. The other day a boy said of Shilpa - "She's a Paki!" No I said. The term "Paki" is a bad one to use anyway but if you insist on using it it should surely only be applied to people who hail from Pakistan when Shilpa is from India. He couldn't see the disrtinction because of his stupidity.

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  10. And to think, yall have to pay a tax of some sort to own and operate a television in your home! I'm just thankful that we Americans aren't the only ones with these bitchy, abrasive reality shows.

  11. You need to get out more.
    Watching Big Brother. Good grief man. How long have you been this ill?

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  14. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Oh for God's sake! Jade saying Popadom is not racist! If it was the other way around and Shilpa said Jade banger n' mash it would be overlooked and classed as ridicule. Its one-sided and way OTT. People are too sensitive


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